SDCC: Outcast Trailer Premiers

The trailer for Outcast, coming to Cinemax premiered at SDCC. Check it out after the jump:

OF course, copies of Outcast started to sell again. Many copies sold since the the trailer was shown. Glad to have snagged so many copies. Hope you have yours. With a pretty big print run Outcast #1 will not be Walking Dead prices, but there is plenty of money to be made on this one.

10 thoughts on “SDCC: Outcast Trailer Premiers”

  1. TV Show looks more promising than the comic.. I’m likely gonna stop at #10 for the comic but I’m ready to dump #1’s I’ve been holding onto.. 😉

    1. I’ll likely sell five copies, but I’ll keep my other ten until the show airs. They could see a bigger jump in price.

      1. Yeah, one must consider that since it’s on Cinemax, won’t reach as many people either like it would on AMC or similar. I’ll likely hold out when show airs when they peak and then likely sizzle off some.

  2. What price do you all think raw copies of the 1st print could realistically hit before the show hits? I know it’s a large print run. $60?

  3. These were by far my biggest speculation buy ever. I have a box full of #1 1st prints that I paid cover for on release. It seemed a big risk (for my pocket anyway) but it’s easily gonna pay off now.

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