Hardcore Gears Up To Save The World

Long ago, there was a book Robert Kirkman put out called Hardcore that had potential to be a pretty good book. I actually liked it and owned it when I first started to get back into comics. I was actually confused on why it didn’t have any issues beyond issue #1.
It now looks like that book is coming to life again, from writer Andy Diggle and Alessandro Vitti.
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Cheap Spec: Demonic #1 Pilot Season

Whenever Robert Kirman’s Skybound Entertainment releases a new book, you should take notice. Two of his titles, Walking Dead and Outcast, have already been turned into TV shows. But here is one to hot the dollar bins for: Demonic #1 Pilot Season Continue reading “Cheap Spec: Demonic #1 Pilot Season”

Strange News: Robert Kirkman to write Transformers movie

Trying to clear out the RSS feed on comic book related news.
Probably the strangest thing to come out recently, Robert Kirkman will be working on Transformers 5. Good for him, and hopefully us. Continue reading “Strange News: Robert Kirkman to write Transformers movie”

Outcast picked up for 10 episodes on Cinemax

Thanks to Mel the Movie Guy and Agent Poyo for keeping me on task.
Heyya, Robert Kirman’s Outcast has been picked up for a 10 episode initial run on Cinemax according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Outcast is the story of Kyle Barnes (who will be played by Patrick Fugit). Kyle is an exorcist who has been battling possessions most of his life.
Copies of Outcast #1 are moving nicely in the $10-$14 range on eBay. Copies of Outcast #1 Graded 9.8 by either CGC or CBCS are going for about $100.
The print run on this one is high, there were also known printer issues on it as well. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Outcast #1 print run

We had previously mentioned that Robert Kirkman’s new book, Outcast, had sold out. There was much speculation about what the print run would end up being. The print run was even more tentative due to the fact the book was fully returnable. Continue reading “Outcast #1 print run”

A look at Wednesday 6/25/14: Outcast #1

One book jumping up in price on a Wednesday is good, but two jumping up in price on the day of release is awesome. Outcast #1 from Robert Kirkman, sold out going into Wednesday, has jumped. Continue reading “A look at Wednesday 6/25/14: Outcast #1”

Robert Kirkman’s new book Outcast picked up for Cinemax

Robert Kirkman's new book Outcast picked up for Cinemax.

Well it was bound to happen, but I was guessing it would happen after the book came out. Robert Kirkman’s ‘Outcast’ or at least that is the working title with the Valiant lawsuit and all, has been picked up for a Tv show on Cinemax. This will put great demand on the book before it is even released.