Rumor that Postal and Think Tank announcement to come this week

We posted up the following facebook post from Top Cow’s Matt Hawkins:

Rumor has it the official announcement could be coming some time this week.

I am getting word out of SDCC that Top Cow was waiting for all the hoopla at SDCC to be over before they made the announcement on the options.

I know people have jumped on Think Tank, but it does not appear that many people have jumped in on Postal, based on the number of copies still available for sale cheap. Most of the covers can be found for around $7 (not including the variant).

Mycomicshop has cover A in stock for $6 and cover B in Stock for cover price.

Don’t sleep on this one.

7 thoughts on “Rumor that Postal and Think Tank announcement to come this week”

  1. I found Cover A of Postal while looking to see if there were any Outcast #1s hidden. I grabbed real quick cause it was cover price and I remember is on a different website.

    By the way, outcast #1 for $10. Good deal?

  2. Well just invested in Think Tank, found a virgin variant for about £20 so we’ll see where that goes. Luckily I already have Postal 1 and the incentive. I may have to pick back up on this series I reckon. I did enjoy the story in the first issue, but stopped buying them cause just didn’t dig the art too much(not bad, just not my style). Overload also played at part.

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