Mel’s Variant Pick of the Week

What’s up Comicsheatingup. Thanks again for the warm welcome from everyone and the discussions on my picks. I am bringing you the coolest variants with the best chances of getting hot.

This isn’t an easy task because variants can be hit or miss (I am looking at you Adam Hughes 1:100 variant).

So let’s go ahead and kick things off this week, but just one.

The variant picks of the week are both graders. Get em, slab em, profit later.

Valiant will have the hottest cross over of the summer with it’s Book of Death. That is why my variant pick of the week is Valiant’s Book Of Death #1 Paolo Rivera Variant. It is a 1:60 cover, and sure to be the most desirable. If you cannot find it in your stores, you can try to pick Book Of Death #1 Paolo Rivera Variant up on eBay for around. Beware though, there is some confusion as to which cover is which as there is also a 1:10 Paolo Rivera Sketch cover.


Also up is the first retailer exclusive series, Book Of Death Geomancer. Not every store will get these. They will be hard to find.

bod geo

3 thoughts on “Mel’s Variant Pick of the Week”

  1. I would say there is a fair amount of confusion about the 1:25/ 1:60 variants out there. My LCS sold me the 1:60 at cover and had the 1:25 up on the shelf for $25.00.

    1. I was able to snag the Geomancer at cover. One store had two available. I also was able to snag all the other Book of Death covers at cover price except the Rivera 1:60, one shop only had one and another guy grabbed it.

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