Wednesday Open Form


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week. Each Wednesday we open things up to hear from you.

We want to hear about your new issue pick ups.
Your back issue raids.
What was disappearing off the shelves?
What was sitting there in stacks?

Or anything else you want to talk about.

And just because she was the most clicked image this past week, Female Boba Fett!


34 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Form”

  1. Well my groom #2 francavilla variant arrived, as well as my print of his ‘here’s juggy’ Afterlife cover (#42 of 108)
    Got my comic block ordered so I can get the green lantern/Star Trek variant.
    Pulls this week:
    Ant man annual
    Book of death
    Attilan rising
    Justice league
    Superman/Wonder Woman

    One of my shops has had postal #1 sitting around since it came out, so I’ll probably grab it as a second copy now that a tv show is being teased.

  2. A slow week for new comics, but it’s post-SDCC any big comic news or hype that is driving speculators crazy?

    1. I can’t speak for speculators in general, but for me?

      -Archie Meets Ramones

      That’s what’s driving ME crazy.

  3. I read about 15 new titles this week that have been collecting up. 2 titles stood out the most, and will be added to regular pulls, Invisible Republic and Strange Fruit. Anyhow, the grabs for this week…

    Big Trouble In Little China #13 (Cover B Rob!)
    Death Head #1
    Harley Quinn #18
    Justice League #42
    Mistry P.I. #1
    Revival #31
    Guardians Of Knowhere #1 (Rob! Gwenom Variant) x 3
    Rivers Of London Body Work #1 (Reynolds Variant)
    Aliens Vs Zombies #1 (Cover C + D)
    and finally, Chew the Card Game has been released and my order has been sent!

  4. Slowwwwww week..but i still found a way to spend 100 ughhhhh
    4x Rivers of lONDON
    Book Of Death (My Variant pick)
    plus scooped up some more The Gun(these things are hot as fish grease)

  5. I would say this was a calm week. Hopefully a couple more of these come along so I can save up for NYCC. Still awhile away but doesn’t hurt to prepare.

    Book of Death #1
    Ant Man Annual
    It will all hurt #2
    Rivers of London #1
    Death Head #1
    Guardians of Nowhere #1 Gwenom Variant
    Island #1

    Stayed away from incentives this week just because I wanted to save some money. It was tempting and I definitely stared at the wall for awhile (my LCS has incentives on the wall behind the counter). Then ultimately decided to be a boring adult. The child version of me just punched adult me in the nards (i probably wouldn’t have said balls as a kid).

  6. Two shops I’ve been to so far didn’t even order book of death because, and I quote, “no one reads valiant”. On to shop #3

      1. Third shop had it. Plus the variants. It’s a much busier shop, but unfortunately it’s too far for me to go to every week so I don’t pull there.
        What’s funny is the shops that didn’t get it both carry bloodshot reborn.

  7. Picking up:

    Rachael Rising
    Giant Days
    Godzilla in Hell (James Stokoe!)
    Island (Brandon Graham!)

    I received Head Lopper 1 & 2 in the mail this past week. I asked for them signed and received them signed. However, they were signed inside the book instead of on the cover. Are there any opinions out there on where you prefer books to be signed? Dave Sim signed my Cerebus issues inside with a sketch. Eric Powell signed one Goon book on the cover and another book inside the cover with a sketch inside. Makes it difficult to slab that book. Neil Gaiman signed my Sandman 1 & 8 on the cover allowing me to slab them and still enjoy the signature.

    1. One lcs was shorted all 50 copies of Island it ordered. Another had only 10 on the shelf. The clerk stated that even though a lot of his customers wanted a copy, very few preordered it.

  8. So I found a copy of Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer #1 on the shelf, but couldn’t find the Sub cover for Godzilla in Hell. No one orders that title, so I had to grab some from Midtown. crazy.

  9. Was suppose to be a smaller week for me but picking up every Book of Death cover killed my wallet. Plus my wife finally started reading the Walking Dead TPB (yeah, she’s not touching my comics to read them, she doesn’t handle comics very well) I have and I only had up to 19 so buying 3 of those (even with the 20% discount on the $14.99 from my goto shop) eats at my weekly tab..

  10. Been busy with my wedding / honeymoon, so today was the first time in over a month I’ve had the opportunity to step into a shop. It was like going home again. It’s not until you spend time away from something do you realize you miss it…

    Book of Death #1 (A and D covers)
    Dead Drop #3
    Death Head #1
    Empty Zone #2
    Guardians of Knowhere #1
    Hawkeye #22
    Justice League #42
    Planet Hulk #3
    Postal #5
    Rachel Rising #35

    Wasn’t able to get there at opening, but the two shops I went to I saw no signs of Rivers of London. One shop had one copy of Legends of the Geomancer, but it was out of my price range.

      1. Thanks Tony. It was last month, just got back from Hawaii the other day. Discovered it’s hard to find a comic shop if you’re staying on the smaller islands. Thank god for the internets…

  11. Anybody ever have problems with Midtown comics sending damaged product and then not making good on it? They’ve been pretty awesome on every order I placed until this oneā€¦

    1. I had a comic damaged once, said they don’t accept returns on damaged comics. I then td them I simply didn’t want it and they said okay, return for refund. It was pretty silly. If you bought by credit card, you can dispute the charges if it was advertised as near mint and it is not in near mint when arrived.

  12. Super light week thank god lol

    Justice League
    Empty zone
    Dead head
    Rivers of london (2)
    Gewnom variant

    Empty zone dead head and rivers are killer books. Read em

  13. Anyone know of any sites I can order a sdcc JSC renew your vows color variant? Also anyone able to snag a Batman figure with the original Home Lee sketch?

  14. Busy week,and it hurt
    Saga 1-30 first prints
    Outcast 1–10 first prints
    Fantastic four 36, 44,47. 7.5, 8.0,8.5 raw , still missing 45, 46 ugh
    Gwenom x2
    Book of death and a variant, not the variant
    Rivers of London
    Island #1
    Pretty much every concrete appearance
    Found harrow county 1 x2, and a we can never home #3 on shelf at LCS
    And postal 1a and 1b , (thx tony)
    Don’t think I’m gonna tell the Mrs. how busy of a week it was?

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