Wednesday One to Watch: Justice League #42

Thanks to Brennan for the tip on this one.

Justice League #42 gives away a big secret. The identity of the Joker.

From Bleeding Cool:

We have recently seen Lex Luther learn Batman’s identity.

We have had the world learn Nightwing and Superman’s identity.

Well tomorrow it’s time for Batman to learn the identity of… The Joker.

And he’s not a stranger. He means something to Batman. Something personal… and impossible.

May have to take a peek at the book. (I thought the Joker was dead… I know, I know) I also wonder if this is different than the Dr that was assumed/presumed to be the new Joker.

Justice League #42 is definitely one to watch.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday One to Watch: Justice League #42”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Dr Eric Border was in fact the joker, hiding right under Batman’s (and our) nose! This would appear to be something different. I guess it would be wishful thinking though to expect a full reveal of something that has been kept hidden in purpose for so long.

      1. Ant Man Annual 1 however features the introduction of a brand new Giant Man. Given Marvels push for diversity I imagine this character could go the distance. As far as the Big 2 go, it’s Ant-Man Annual 1 that’s the best bet this week. A gay Middle Eastern Giant-Man is probably long term more noteworthy than the JL fakeout.

  2. I should clarify the characters last name is Pakistani, so I’m assuming based on it being the predominant faith of his presumed ancestry, and one of the major cultural differences between India and Pakistan that he’s a Muslim.

  3. It’s a good story regardless, but mostly if people are sniffing for entrenched super hero keys it’s likely to be a bigger deal than Mobius Chair Batman.

  4. I am pretty sure that they will never “really” reveal the Joker’s complete origin. That would really take a lot away from what makes the character so great. Giving Wolverine an origin was a mistake by Marvel, in my opinion.

  5. I love the work that Snyder has done on Batman. I am not a fan of that, though. I am probably in the minority, but, I like the idea that the Joker has been around as long as the Batman.

  6. And the Joker is ………………………………..

    Jared Leto !

    What a crock of $#!t for spec this was ! Why post something that isn’t solid ? Research before you blindly follow and post what everyone else is posting especially when it come from a source such as bleeding cool , just my two cents , rant over.

    1. 1. It was a rumour, so it was mentioned
      2. It was pointed out quickly in the comics there was no reveal for the reader
      3. You’d be pissed if it was a big reveal and not mentioned
      4. The last page art is amazing regardless

      1. @ Sebastian … maybe take your own advice and do your own due deligence regarding research for your own speculation. This blog is one resource among many, not a personal comics investment firm. I can only hope you are a child and not a grown adult…

        1. I actually appreciate Sebastian’s comment. Truth is some times we are wrong. But you gather what you can from where you can. Nothing is 100%, but it did have a big ending that was worth it, Joker or no Joker identity. Bleeding Cool can be hit or miss but they do get things right from time to time. But I have learned my lesson from using them as a credible source. But upon re-reading it does say “Batman learns the identity of Joker” which he did. We just didn’t.

          Finally Jared Leto may be the Joker now, but the Joker to me will always be Cesar Romero, make up over mustache and all.

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