Wednesday One to Watch: Rivers of London


We had this one as our Small Press Gem for 7/15/15, but it turns out there is more to Rivers of London than I originally knew.

Rivers of London is also a book series, and this comic series is in continuity (between books four and five.) You do not have to read the books to understand the comic series.

There is also a TV show in the works. The TV show will be called Body Works, a name that is also featured on the cover.

From io9:

Body Work is a veritable who’s who of former Doctor Who creatives: Aaronovitch (who wrote the 1988 story Rememberance of the Daleks and 1989’s Battlefield) will write the series with former showrunner Andrew Cartmel, with art from Lee Sullivan, who has worked on a vast variety of Doctor Who comics.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday One to Watch: Rivers of London”

  1. My lcs had about 10 regular copies but they were all creased. But I was able to get the only copy of the 1:10 variant that was in nm condition.

  2. I’m reading the book series and it’s excellent. I’m on book 4, and unfortunately there’s a slight spoiler in the comic for it. My shop had one beat up copy so I’m hoping some come in as a reorder next week.

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