Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week for 7/22/15

Mel V. is out buying comics each week before most of us are out of bed (not counting our friends in the UK.) He picks the variants he thinks are cool. Here is his picks for this week:

Hey Chu, thanks for coming back for another edition of Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week. Variants are a tough game as some go up in price and others go down. As always, buy what you like. Here is what I am feeling this week.

I think it is a slim week for variants but something keeps drawing me tomay150743d

Also, The Fly: Out Break #4 Subscription cover. So here is the deal, all month long IDW is doing throw back covers for EC Comics. You got crossover potential here. Fans of The Fly, Fans of EC Comics, Fans of Classic horror. All that and you have a cover price variant that looks cool.

As always, see you in the stores!
Mel V.

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