Think Outside The Toy Box: Deadpool Mego

Tyson B. writes for Comics Heating Up and his own site Toy Box One


Nothing to say on this one but:

No character is as red hot, and can sell merchandise as Deadpool (except Harley Quinn.) That is why when I saw this I knew it would be hot.

Thanks to Mego Museum had the first look at the Mego Deadpool Set.

Emce Toys and Diamond Select toy revealed the fifth in their series of ReMego Marvel Figures.

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6 thoughts on “Think Outside The Toy Box: Deadpool Mego”

  1. Thanks for sharing Tyson, the figure is pretty sweet!

    Kind of unrelated, but posting because it’s an action figure so you or any of the readers might be interested- the Jim lee batman blue line action figure exclusive to sdcc is up on Barnes and noble website for $35 plus tax. This seemed like one of the hot items at sdcc, and I think it looks awesome. Just a heads up if anyone is interested, sorry to go off topic.

    1. If those sell out, then there’s Gamestop for $40, and then BAM! for $45. Weird places to sell SDCC exclusives….

  2. That’s crazy how all these sites are getting them. Not sure about the pops, but batman was sold out everywhere on the exhibit floor by sat

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