The Hot Topic Golden Frieza Pop Flip idea

The Hot Topic SDCC Exclusive Golden Frieza Pop flip idea.

So this is a pretty easy one. You order the Golden Frieza on-line and have them shipped to your local Hot Topic store. Saves on Shipping. You pick them up in like 2-4 days. You list on-line. They sell for $20-25 or higher on eBay for the black eyed version (the one you get from hot topic.) And that is it. They are limited to 3 per person, but you sell all three for $24 and you profit $36.

Funko Dragon Ball Z Pop! Animation Golden …

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Price: $12.00
Sale: $12.00

9 thoughts on “The Hot Topic Golden Frieza Pop Flip idea”

    1. I have been getting boxes from Dollar Tree for a dollar and using bubble wrap from some of the packages I get (CBCS) I have sold three already and made a nice profit and have had postivie feedback on the shipping of these.

  1. Thanks for the tip. I will probably order one for myself. I was also lucky enough to buy a SDCC C-3PO at a LCS for a decent price. Was thinking of selling but the wife liked it so we are keeping it lol

  2. Love me some Dragonball…I might grab one of these for myself. I actually found out the other day they started a new series after a nearly 20 year break, Dragonball Super.

  3. Does anyone need any replacement exclusive box stickers?.. I have some high quality images of a few different stickers, and when you print onto self-adhesive gloss paper and cut out with scissors they should look almost identical. Will provide an image link if anyone wants them..

    1. Iv’e got.. Amazon Exclusive, 2014 SDCC, 2015 SDCC, Funko 2015 Galactic Convention, Barnes & Noble Exclusive, Glows in the dark ( circle sticker ), Hot Topic Exclusive.. All high res.

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