Star Wars #7 Black and White Signed Graded opportunity

So John Tyler Christopher is offering up the Star Wars #7 black and white Action figure covers. But he is not offering the graded version or the signed and graded version. Here is your chance to have it done.

More Great Art (the guys who did the signature witnessing and grading last time), are offering the grading and signed grading service as a separate add on service. Mike, the owner is going to take the books down and have them signed, witnessed, graded, and fast passed through CGC.

You can see the option for the graded version here

You can check out the signed graded version here

Please note, these are just for the service only. You still need to buy the book from JTC’s site. (But you probably were going to do that anyway.)

99 thoughts on “Star Wars #7 Black and White Signed Graded opportunity”

  1. I hopped out of bed immediately at 10:00 pm my time and my wife wonders what I’m doing. I regret nothing. I apologize for nothing.

      1. Yep! Have on reserved for Greg at Black Cat Comics who is mad about all this cutting the retailer out. Let me know if you need one, Tony.

    1. Did you already have an account set up with JTC? In the time it took me to enter my info…the whole thing crashed and I lost my chance !

  2. its a scam anyhow, Folks who actually wanted to register with his store web site couldn’t! People were emailing and messaging on Facebook, but still no answers. There was no option on the site to register an account to even have a shot at purchasing ONE book. I personally tried even days ago, and no option.

    1. I had ten in my cart. By the time I went to pay, it said they didnt have enough. I adjusted down to three. It went through until I went to pay again then it said they didnt have enough. Went down to one and went to check out, the site had emptied my cart and had pulled the sale off. 3,000 copies at $20 is $60,000 in 10 minutes. good pay day for JTC
      minus cost of about $5000-9000 and still made a mint

    2. Wow. Thanks for info. Less inclined to support him now. Hey, it’s Friday, so I can go into work barely awake right? Haha

  3. I already count 14 listings up on eBay and many of those have more than 1 available. With all the pre-selling going on there, I secretly want them to arrive all mangled up so the Sellers get screwed.

  4. I tried to about 12:06 is when it finally poped up didnt let me order more than on then said try again a million times. Then tried switching to the scecond shipping option then had to fill out my info then they were sold out. Im set w not getting one saved me $30 lol if i had work tomorrow id be pissed but i dont. Oh well. Im done w variants i figured im going to save it and just get commissions and orignal art starting next weekend at boston comic con.

  5. I knew it was to good to be true. Good thing I passed on this one. I love the book and all but good thing I passed. Maybe next time when he isn’t so rich lol. Crazy #s he made in under 2 hrs.

  6. Pretty sure he didn’t put the full 3000 up there. Went to the site right when both the pre pre sale and the pre sale started, and I don’t think the totals from the counters added to 3000. Probably saving himself a stack for con appearances? Bought myself one. Couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on more since I’m not a huge fan of the b/w variants…

  7. I refreshed the page since midnight, the most copies i ever saw available was 500. I honestly think he only put 500 on there and he has plans with the rest of em’

  8. If your right on the number of books sold, I doubt people will buy them after the whole BS people had to go threw in order to just get the ones he had posted. I know that if someone did that to me, they would of lost my business in a heart beat but that’s just my opinion.

    1. My numbers are just about right. There were 3,000 printed. At 6 pm eastern, 800 copies went up for sale. At Midnight 1744 copies went up for sale. That is a total of 2544 copies of 3,000 so somewhere there are 456 copies. These could be going to a convention with him or could be set aside for grading opportunities. Who knows.

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      1. Right before midnight, there were still 200 or so copies left from the pre-pre sale. I saw the 1700 copies available when the sale opened. So my hunch is he’s sitting on 600+ to take to shows.

  9. Yeah its pretty shady stuff. IMO he kept 2,500 and has someone else selling them for him elsewhere. It even states on his website that he monitors eBay. Figure this: He keeps 2,500, has a few buddies sell them for $60 and lets em’ keep $20 off each one sold. That way he doubles his money so instead of a measly 50k made he doubles down and makes 100k (yes, i did accounting back in the day lol). Just look at what he did for the guy who he had do the grading the first go around. That guy kept all the CBCS SS 9.9 copies for himself and now sells them on his website for $500. Just an opinion but makes sense

  10. On a similar subject, does anyone have any info on the actual issue. I’ve been debating for the past few days if I want to drop some money and get the 1:100 cover…it’s Ben Kenobi’s secret past, and just can’t stop speculating.

    1. There is a preview floating around out there. It’s a one-shot of Ben’s time on Tatooine post Order 66. Sort of a break between runs.

  11. I was a bit irked that once I was in the checkout process entering my mailing information before paying via PayPal that these books were not put on ‘reserve’.

    1. ^^that is my beef too. I was on at 12…had them in my cart and was in process of checkout. Got kicked off with similar messages everyone else had. If the guy is making money like that, he can at least get proper servers and get people that stayed up late and are dedicated what they deserve.

  12. I didn’t even bother last night as I had a hunch it was going to be a craptastic sale with disappointment. I also like the color better. This one is just a quick reprint to me and gimmick for easy sale. (all power to the artist though for pulling it off, we’re all suckers, we’re weak and we all have a comic addiction problem). 😉

  13. This was not set up with the collector in mind or with any care for fans in mind at all. With up to 25 allowed per order (according to the website) with a character such as Boba Fett on the cover, limited to 3000? You gotta be kidding me! Should have been two, three per customer tops! With that a good amount of fans would have been able to get a copy. But, 25?!? Really? I lost all respect for the artist after this. Regardless, I won’t be buying anymore of his figure variants. This is a hobby first and if it gets me pissed off than it is time to back away. I am backing away from anything this guy does in the future. No need for frustration over stupid gimmicks geared toward dealers.

    1. I think he changed it to 10 but yeah, I somewhat agree. Something so limited they knew was going to be hot should of been limited to 2-3 per customer so more people get a chance, especially those that just wanted a copy for their personal collection. Now those that didn’t get it are likely paying premium prices on the secondary market.

      Well, everyone knows how to control the secondary market right? We the consumers control it. Hold off on buying. When there’s no demand, the prices will drop. Use the force people.. don’t budge in buying until the price is right or dropped back to the original retail range. 😉

      1. He did limit the pre pre sale to one per customer, so if you were really a fan and had bought from him previously, you got your one copy. I thought that was super fair how he did that (even threatening to cancel all orders if you violated that policy). Aftter midnight, it was a free for all for all the flippers. He could have easily charged $30-$40, as most places do when they have a more limited sketch cover.

        1. That’s still pretty limited though. I missed the past sale myself, so I couldn’t join the pre-sale even if I wanted.

          I just think it could of been managed better. I’m just defending the collectors who missed out because all the flippers bogged down the system to gobble them up so they can charge out the wahoo.. like I said before, I didn’t even bother, I think the color one better.

          The way this was setup, it benefited the secondary market only, which I’m all for but I also like to play fair myself when it comes to flipping comics.

      1. The only issue I see is, he could of limited it to 1 per customer and still would of sold them all last night.

      2. I thought I read 25, but I must have got mixed up. 10 isn’t as bad but with such a limited print run and such a popular property he could have been a bit more responsible. Whatever, he made his money.


    Product Price Quantity Total
    Star Wars #7 Boba Fett Action Figure (Black & White) 1 $21.40

  15. The pre pre sale was limited to 1 per customer, that started like at 6 pm and was still available till 11:59 PM. He even stated that the pre pre sale was for hobbiest that enjoyed his work not for the resellers. At 12 he knew it was going to be chaotic and the presale were for anybody including resellers. So I thought it was fair. I ended up getting 3 total and got my last 2 when total in stock was less than 50

    1. I don’t know anything about a pre pre sale as I was on his website store at 11:30pm and nothing was available at that time.

      1. The email were sent to me about the pre pre sale with the link July 17th and another reminder email yesterday. I believe i got the email because i made previous purchases on his site. Some people posted the link up for others to buy before 12pm but the catch was the purchase had to match your email address it was sent to. Either way he gave hobbiest opportunity and reseller opportunity.

      1. Pre- pre sale????The plot thickens!! I was on early like a dope at around 1130…no link..nothing. Was it already for members with accounts?

    2. I think pre-sale was for previous buyers of the color variant only. Until this morning, first I heard of pre-sale as well, not that it would of mattered, I missed out on the first round as well.

      1. I did not get the email myself. But i was forwarded the email. JTC asked to not publicize the pre-pre-sale. Because he expressly wrote that, and having a shred of journalistic integrity, I did not put the pre-pre-sale info up. It wouldn’t matter anyway as you would have been excluded from buying them since you did not receive the email. I also was excluded as I did not get my #4 from him and went to an outside source.

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  16. So glad that I never even considered getting one of these. Unless I come across one in a $.50 bin I wont have one. I’m ok with that.

  17. Just reading about some of the problems you guys had. I didn’t have a problem at all. Linked onto the site, selected the book, changed the quantity to 10. Checked out using paypal and set up an account at the same time.

  18. @ John Mu… Doesn’t sound like he gave hobbyist an opportunity to purchase the book at all. It just looks like he gave those who bought from him before an opportunity to purchase this one early. That’s a little different. The guy wanted a big payday and got it. Nothing more to it. That’s his prerogative.My prerogative is to pass on his future offerings. A win, win for everyone.

  19. Iv’e just woke up, it’s 3:30pm where I live, I had to stay up till 5:00am to grab a small handful by the time the whole thing crashed and said there is no stock left. I’m absolutely shattered now, but it was worth the stay up to be part of it and also fun to watch how quickly the copies ran out ( 10 mins )

    1. Now I have a nice B&W copy to get CGC slabbed and placed in my collection alongside my graded colour Fett and other graded action figure variants. Then sell the other several at xmas to pay for my free graded book 🙂

  20. Same here, I got on at 12:20 and was like “well guess I won’t be getting one of those”. It would’ve been nice if the cap had actually been enforced. I see multiple retailers with over 80 a piece for sale, which would explain the 15 minute sell out.

    1. Saying “I limit it to ten per” doesn’t really mean a damn thing to me when I’m seeing how cornered this book was by online retailers using multiple devices. I’m done supporting his figure variant work. I wish him well in his future reprint cash grabs, but I’ve been burned too many times now.

      1. Very true in that aspect. If any retailer or seller has more than 10.. that just goes to show this setup failed.

          1. We all know it’s going to happen. It’s not hard to circumvent around the rules. This is why as consumers, we can show them they don’t win. Anyone who wanted one that didn’t get one, don’t buy any off eBay at the inflated prices. If no one is buying them at the $50+ price from the original $20.. then eventually they’ll bring the prices back down. Let’s start a movement people.. and show them the consumers control the market, not those who cheat! 🙂

            1. The problem is this is just one forum. Any movement would need to be widespread. And at the same time, I do not want to interfere with those on here who were able to get copies. I find boycotts the least effective means of protest 😉

              1. Yeah, boycotts are usually pointless.. I’m just reminding people, hold out longer.. boycott means you just don’t buy, ever.. 😉

                What????? There are other websites besides CHU? 😛

      2. I sent an email off to JTC to ask what the limit is and I was told I could place multiple orders of 10 if I wanted more than 10…

      3. Then there’s no point in limiting it to 10 if you can just do multiple orders. The whole limitation was pointless then (only done to slow down those doing multiple orders).

      4. I like that concept Poyo. Buyer protest to bring prices back to normal. (even though we do go with spec flips on our own eBays lol.) I like to think the readers here at CHU at least give other collectors and fans a chance to get copies by not maxing out all the time. Unless i’m totally wrong and we are all pirate hoarders and have secret stacks hidden that can only be found by map.

      5. True, it just gave more people a few more minutes to try and grab one. Then imagine if the limit stayed at 25 ( which was originally planned ), they’d have been gone in 3 minutes

      6. It’s funny, I didn’t even want any myself but I feel for the people who missed out who were simply trying to get a copy or two for themselves. I collect, I flip.. but I also try to be fair myself. If a retailer says there’s a limit so everyone gets their chance, I honor that. If a retailer says you can buy X per transaction, well, then there’s really no point in the limitation in the first place.

          1. “Lol. I am one who does not shelf clear. Unless I am given the go ahead as I am in a couple of stores.”

            You know, I am all for shelf clearing if it’s a day or two (or longer) after release and given the go ahead as well. After so much time has passed from initial release, that’s when it’s fair game for sure.

            Like when Divinity #1 3rd prints were selling for $15+.. one shop had all of theirs sitting there for over a week.. they let me clear them out, after a week, game on Wayne! I sold all the ones I nabbed at cover for $15 each.

          2. I won’t lie, if I obtained 10 of them, I’d be selling them myself by undercutting everyone on eBay.. muahahahahaha!

              1. That would be so funny.. I would buy them all from you and then resell them for 2 pennies more for item and shipping.

      7. Ahh yeah must be horrible for people who stayed up for it then had the site crash on them with the traffic. I also remember going through the public pre-order link 3 minutes before midnight and it was available to add to the cart to purchase, makes me wonder how soon it was actually online

      8. 12:03?.. hmm that’s weird, could be something that’s happened to a lot of people with the huge amount of traffic all going on there at the same time

  21. I went on at 12:09 AM and was able to get 6 copies (+ my one pre pre order copy) with no problem, without registering. I personally think JTC did the best he could with a limit variant for tons of fans and speculators. I am a little upset with speculators that got friends and family to buy extra lots of 10. Cheating the system set forth by the artist is a little scummy IMO. I don’t think there’s an issue with buying ten and reselling on eBay for $100 down the road; people do that with any hot item. If he would have put 10,000 copies for sale they still would have sold out. Obviously I would be more upset if I didnt actually get my copies though.

  22. Is anyone who got copies getting any of them signed?.. as JTC said he’s gonna be signing them for free this time if you email and ask him.

  23. All I got to say is I am with Poyo and going to hold off on buying one from eBay till the prices go down. If that means I have to wait a year then I will lol. I know I have gotten some variants from previous books that where way out of reach when they first came out and now I am getting them for less then $15. patience is a virtue lol

    1. True, the #4 Boba Fett was going for £75+ ( UK ) within the first month after release, now you can get it for around £35 – £45, I feel for people who go with impulse to buy something in the fear that they will miss out if they don’t buy it straight away or that they need to buy it before prices rise even more. Every single time iv’e seen people panic buying in the early stages ( same thing happens with Pop figures ), then a handful more sellers eventually come along and start competing and dropping prices. Psychology plays a massive part with most people, it’s always best to wait..

  24. They sold out in 8 minutes. I picked up 2 of them. If you were on the mailing list from his web site, he sent an email for the Pre-PRE-Sale which started 6 hours earlier. Limit was 1. I got 1. Then Limit was cut from 25 to 10 during the “Pre-Sale” in which I could only afford 1 more. I got it within 30 seconds of the new site going up (according to my paypal transaction) 🙂

  25. I was there trying at the minute it went live… could not get my order in…. thanks for wasting my time on your faulty website, and thanks for not answering my emails either…. hope this becames an eventual tragedy for Christopher Tyler, as I feel pretty slighted

    1. Wasn’t too bad? That’s because you got on at the exact right second. Tell that to those who kept getting try again messages again and again.

  26. No graded option for me, unless it is guaranteed 9.8. Did that on the last one, and got a 9.6, and CBCS as well. A 9.6 modern might as well be a 9.0. Luckily, I also ordered a BeachBum guaranteed 9.8 from CGC, so I was covered.

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