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With word out earlier this year that Matt Trakker would be appearing in GI Joe 3 (movie) and with the 30th anniversary of MASK coming up, it is no surprise that Hasbro would do something with the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand line of toys.

MASKTHawk had the info:

ToyArk revealed that Hasbro has applied for several M. A. S. K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) related Trademarks at the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The story went viral among famous entertainment news websites. Jump to February 2015: Out of nowhere a rumor appeared stating that the Crimson Guard and Matt Trakker from M. A. S. K. is set to appear in G. I. Joe 3.

Jump to the present day: The TFW2005 Staff was covering the Hasbro Financial Call for Q2 2015 earlier today, and a slide regarding the company overview was available prior to the presentation (included after the jump) which quickly made us spill our drinks.

Hasbro has confirmed that they are indeed working on the M. A. S. K. property. It was mentioned as a new and upcoming project (new to the current generation). We should not foget that this year is the 30th Anniversary of the brand. However, the company was tight-lipped about this new project during the presentation. It took eight months but we now have the final confirmation that we will indeed see something out of the ’80s property.

Also might be time to revisit the early MASK comics, Action Comics #573, Legends #1, and MASK 1-4.

Thanks to Mel V. for the info

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  1. Man I loved these things…I.can remember them.being very expensive and I.would always loose the mask and Ihad to.replace their mask witj a piece of aluminum foil

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