Paul Pope’s One Trick Rip Off to be adapted into a movie

Paul Pope has long been one of my favorite creators, I know I have said that on here more times than I can count. With such epic self-published comics as THB, and his work for Vertigo and Dark Horse, and not to mention his highly kinetic art style, he has become a small press legend.

Finally, Hollywood is starting to notice. Word came out that his work One Trick Rip-Off is getting a movie deal.

From Comic Alliance:

The One Trick Rip-Off is planned as a live-action movie, written and directed by Reddy. Creator Paul Pope has been named as an executive producer for the movie, and has apparently been working with the production team for more than three years on getting the screenplay right. Reddy and Pope previously collaborated on a short film, 7x6x2.

The story centers on Tubby and Vim, a couple looking to leave LA behind and start a new life for themselves — if only they could find the money to pay for it. They decide that their best bet is to rip off their friends, with the slight wrinkle that their friends are all members of the One Trick Gang, who all possess the ability to control minds. So that ends up going great for them.

One Trick Rip Off first appeared in Dark Horse Presents #101 and would run through Dark Horse Presents #101-112.

Copies of Dark Horse Presents #101 can be found on eBay for in the under $5 range. (It had an Aliens story and cover). Mycomicshop has the full run in VF of Dark Horse Presents #101-112 in VF or better for $4 or less per issue. Amazon also has all the books, starting with issue 101, starting at $1.99.

Thanks to Topher for the Heads up!

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