Hunt it. Buy it. Flip it. Steven Universe

Here is a weird one I got from Terry Hoknes at

Steven Universe is hot. The comic that is. The low print run kids comic is in demand.

Pretty much every copy, every cover, is selling for multiple times cover price. The later issues seem to be going for more than the earlier ones. I found a copy of Steven Universe #6 and within minutes of listing it, it was up to $10. The Same Issue sold for $61 last month. Sure, the prices on some of the books can be all over the place at times, but it seem that these are hard to come by and do sell well.

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  1. yeah, I accidentally ran across some on an ebay sellers list that I was perusing just last night. I was shocked and a bit miffed cause at my main LCS on wed I noticed several issues in the kids rack next to the IDW disney stuff and thought, “wow, they made a comic that looks as odd as the commercials I’ve seen for that toon” I’m so busy with work I may not be able to get by there until tues. Just knowin those flips are there is killing me. hopoefully still there when I get by.

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