Skelton Crew Studio Releasing Agent Poyo Plush

Thanks to our own Agent Poyo for this one.

Skelton Crew is releasing a Agent Poyo plus rooster, in line in size with the Chog Plus previously released.


poyo and chog Plush_Poyo_III

Plush_Poyo_I Plush_Poyo_II



Chew fans can pre-order their own Poyo now.

The most badass bird you’ll ever meet.

Plush Poyo has lept from the pages of John Layman and Rob Guillory’s popular “CHEW,” published by Image. This officially licensed replica measures approx. 15-inches tall from the tip of his comb to his cybernetic talons.

He’s been made with amazing attention to detail, from his luchador mask to his embroidered eye and the exhaust pipes on his left wing.

Poyo is a collectible, not intended for children. (He might disembowel them, you know, accidentally.) For ages 14 and up. He’s shown with a plush Chog for scale only.

You can check out < href=””>Skelton Crew Studis</a> for more info.

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