Scam Alert: Rebagged Sex Criminals #11

Here is something from John C. about eBay sellers opening Sex Criminal #11 bags and resealing the bags if they do not find a sketch. We talked about this in the comment section but as of yet didn’t have proof. Well here it is. 

I just wanted to let you know something that happened to me and maybe you can let others know on your site. I had bought multiple copies of sex criminals #11 from different sellers and realized some of these guys were trimming the tops of the bags and checking for winners and if they were not they resealed them and sold to the next sucker. Things to look out for are crooked trimming of bags. Black bag re melted to clear bag. It was a great idea they had for the game but need to put some type of security stickers on these books next time.

Here are a couple of examples sent over from John:

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    1. One reason I only opted to buy directly from online retailers (Midtown, GrahamCrackers, etc) and told myself I would avoid these on eBay, etc.

        1. I bought 6 myself and got one. I also ordered 6 online which should come today. So I’m hoping for another one. I kept one as reader copy, another one in PC and now I have 3 extra copies, potentially 9 extra copies if I get no more later today. I actually plan to doodle funny sketches on them and list them on eBay.. I’m sure someone will buy my dick sketches if they missed out on Chip or Matt’s.. 😉

  1. For those who got the sketch, did the inside wrapping come in black or clear plastic? I saw some online that was still wrapped in a clear wrapper. The reason why I’m asking is that one of my lcs that I bought 6 from had a little slit on the back where it’s folded. My other lcs where I bought 2 from, it was sealed tight and difficult to open. Thanks fellas.

      1. Yup. The one thing I did notice was on the ones I didn’t get a sketch, the inside thin cardboard they slipped in with the comic was on the back of the comic and on the sketch, it was on the front cover side. There’s no way to tell though without opening the bag.

    1. A few of mine were slit as well, but it looked as it were from handling. Plus I know my LCS owner wouldn’t ever do that type of thing.

  2. Danm this sucks big time. I just hope John got his $ back and to all those Ebayers who think they can get away with it shame on you….

  3. Wonder where he got these from in the pic? The 3 I got from Midtown were very similar to the second picture w folded corners. Also, one had the poly bag wrapped w half the front folded around to the back. I pulled a Fraction sketch from those 3, so they weren’t searched.

    With that said, the slime is coming out of the woodworks for these. One eBay seller sent me the poly bag variants, already got my money back, and another sent me opened number 11s, also already got my money back. He tried to claim the listing was just for Sex Criminals 11 issues… Even tho unopened poly bag was in the listing title.

  4. It is really hard to pin point and it’s kind of tricky to tell but the if it’s an armature job you would be able to see it really clearly. As Anthony said it “The Botch Job” Lol. I would only buy from big shops like midtown Ect. That’s just my opinion.

    1. I bought 6 copies and got two sketches . I was really pleased.
      But those for idiots conning people by re sealing them, shame on you, are they really that hard up for cash or just plain low lifes?

  5. I hope enough people that search for sketches and get regular covers start trashing them to the point a good regular cover becomes hard to find. That’ll make these scammers feel pretty dumb. But then again, this is like the fake Star Wars #1 1st/6th print trick from last month.

    1. Man, I sold one of those Star Wars for $15… sadly, none of the rest I picked up sold so I pretty much broke even. One shop still has about 20+ on the shelves as well.

      1. Yeah cause I spec’d these to be at least minimum 1:15 but who knows how they shuffled them up. As for me, I’m 2 for 12.

  6. Besides bag resealing, risk of fake sketch by any amateur might be possible too. Bad enough with 80+% probabllity of buying regular issue but scandals may hurt consumer confidence and lower value of sketch variants.

    1. Well considering anyone who would do a fake sketch would first have to create the exact cover, then remove a regular cover to then add it to an existing book, which I find very unlikely.

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