Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

We will be starting another couple give aways tonight so keep your eyes peeled for that.

What are your pick ups?
What about back issue raids?
What was sold out at your store?
What was sitting one the shelves in piles?

Or anything else you want to talk about, here is where to do it!

67 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I’ve let my pull box collect dust for the past few weeks because of real life. Took some tpbs on vacation to Oregon. Read Thanos: Infinity Relativity and retread the beginning volumes of Hickman’s Avengers. Looking forward to a big stack of new/slow aged pulls tomorrow.
    Darth Vader #8: More Aphra connivances!
    The Humans # 7: Every issues has at least some monkey penis. I trust this will be no different.
    We Stand On Guard #2
    This Damned Band #1
    Bloodshot Reborn #5: They have been teasing Bloodsquirt long enough. Time for a full on take over.
    Civil War #2: I never read the first series. I was pleasantly surprised by issue 1 of this series.
    Groot #3: this is just plain fun.
    Infinity Gauntlet #3
    Guardians of Knowhere #2

    Also, Agent Poyo has me specing on Imperium #7 now!

  2. Just waiting on my Sex Criminals 11 shipments. Hoping none are messed with. Haven’t picked up my pull boxes in a long time, but I’ll get back to store shopping sooner or later. The minute I see a sketch (hopefully) I’m writing you Tony.

      1. I am. But they’ve contacted me and let me know it’s on it’s way. I had free shipping because I ordered over $30 of product.

  3. Picked up 4x Booster Gold # 5 (Killing Joke Homage Cover) at .99 each NM. This book has serious legs IMHO….Great cover !

  4. Thank you. It was a hard contest I saw over 100 people enter it. I think one of the biggest I’ve seen to date lol

  5. This was right place ,right time about 1 week ago on another website (Not Amazon) 4 copies .99 each like 4.99 shipping…lucked out…

  6. My definite pickups tomorrow are:

    Detective Comics #43
    Spirit #2
    Dark Corridor #1
    Fade Out #8
    Humans #7
    Nailbiter #15
    We Stand On Guard #2
    Civil War #2
    Darth Vader #8
    Future Imperfect #4
    Groot #3
    Infinity Guantlet #3
    Spider Island #2
    Big Trouble Little China #14
    Cluster #6
    Bloodshot Reborn #5
    Imperium #7

  7. Summer holidays mean its online picking again. I’ve ordered:-

    Imperium #7 (Covers A & B)
    Bloodshot Reborn #5 (ASM homage cover)
    This Damned Band #1 (Forbidden Planet were/are selling a signed first issue)
    ASM Renew Your Vows #3 (ordered from Comicxposure during their BOGOF sale)
    Darth Vader #8
    Infinity Gauntlet #3
    Civil War #2 (1:10 wrap cover)
    Giant Sized Little Marvel #3 (for the boy but is actually a fun read)
    Ultimate End #4
    Barb Wire #2 & Spire #2 (I think they are released this week)
    The Spirit #2 (1:10 variant)

  8. This week’s pick ups

    John Flood #1 (Cover B Rob Guillory)
    This Damned Band #1 (Forbidden Planet signed!)
    Red Sonja Conan #1 (Cover A)
    Dark Corridor #1
    Nailbiter #15
    We Stand On Guard #2
    Darth Vader #8
    King #1 (ordered, not sure if out this week)

  9. I’m on the look out for Young Terrorists (hip hop) variants…
    I’ve managed to pre-order 4 so far with hopefully the 5th being confirmed later.
    1. Third Eye
    2. Beach Ball
    3. Comic Madness
    4. FP/Jetpack
    5. Eh!
    I know of couple more covers but can’t locate them at the moment. Any help appreciated.

  10. Nailbiter #15
    We Stand On Guard #2
    Civil War #2
    Darth Vader #8
    Future Imperfect #4
    Infinity Guantlet #3
    Spider Island #2
    Bloodshot Reborn #5
    Imperium #7 (Both Covers)

    Also pre ordered Marvel Hip Hop Variants
    Young Terrorist, Tokyo Ghost, Enormous V2 #2 (Ie.. #8)

  11. Light week for me.

    Already picked up:
    Bloodshot Reborn #5 Cover C
    We Can Never Go Home (Current Print Set) #1 (3rd), #2 (2nd), #3 (2nd)
    Guardians of Knowhere #2
    Deadly Class #15 (I’m seriously addicted to this series)
    We Stand on Guard #2
    Imperium #7 Cover A x2, Cover B x2
    This Damned Band #1
    Justice League Gods and Monsters: Wonder Woman #1
    Long Distance #3 (My LCS laughs at me all the time for picking this up, i’m just a sucker for romantic comedy type things. Plus side is if this ever picks up there is a miniscule print run.)

    Probably go back for:
    More copies of Imperium #7
    21st Century Tank Girl #1 (you think these could still sell if there are a few smudges on the cover from shipping? Basically rubbing from them being stacked on each other.)

  12. my pickups
    1. guardians of knowhere 2
    2. amazing spider-man: renew your vows 3
    3. darth vader 8
    4. bloodshot reborn 5
    5. nailbiter 15
    6. outcast 11 (has everyone else dropped this series?! I think that would be a mistake. and its definitely picked up starting at issue 9. with the show coming out soon, I think people should be staying on this series.)

    1. I did not pick up Outcast 11. I barely made it to 10.. only went that far to see what would happen and primarily to make it an even 10 issues in the collection. Even if it does pick back up when the show debuts, issues 11 and beyond will not be hard to find. But then again, it just wasn’t doing anything for me. It’s like a really long running predictable boring drama currently.. with no light at the end of the tunnel! If you don’t have me thinking what’s gonna happen in the next issue when I finish reading, you probably lost me which this series did.

      1. Oh well you chose a bad issue to drop off. It was this slow burn, nothing…nothing…tidbit of mysterious info then BAMF!! Final splash leads to some action next issue.

        1. Maybe I’ll check it out later… I can’t be going 10 issues of nose picking boring and then it picks up.. hopefully it doesn’t do this in cycles. Maybe I’ll just save some money and buy the TPB from this point on.

  13. Today’s picks are;

    Bob’s burgers #2
    Giant size little marvel AVX #3
    Mad max fury road max #2
    We stand on guard #3
    John flood #1
    Imperium #7

    Couldn’t fine no booster gold #5 joker variant so maybe that’s for next week?

    So last night I finally opened the XXX cover to Sex Criminals #11 and I got to say it had me laughing for a while. The cover is so well done with the whole classic Nintendo feeling of it. Very well thought of had me laughing lol. Thinking about it has me laughing lol.

  14. No Bloodshot at all in my city (4 shops in Salt Lake that I checked). They all seem to be under the impression that it comes out next week.

      1. Is “wacky valiant shipping” a marketing device? Do we win a prize? Are there variants? Does it reduce print runs so I can flip for profit?! Haha

  15. So So week I picked up:
    Civil War
    We stand on guard
    Dark corridor
    Renew your vows
    Spider island
    Darth vader
    Mad max
    Giant size little marvel

    No variants this week. I did also grab the reverse flash pop vinyl I’d been looking for 🙂 and my comic block finally arrived yesterday after spending a week in postal limbo. Seriously I watched it travel past my house at least twice in the tracking before it finally arrived at my local center and was delivered.

  16. So I found out about the whole booster gold #5 it’s a back issue from 2007 but got lucky and found one lol. Yeah I think so too on imperium cuz only 1 ship had a couple of them was lucky enough to get 1.

  17. Dark Corridor #1
    Darth Vader #8
    Deadly Class #15
    Fade Out #8
    Imprerium #7 A n’ B (was lucky enough to grab the last two copies off the shelf)
    John Flood #1
    Mad Max Fury Road #2
    Ms Marvel #17
    Nailbiter #15
    Outcast #11
    Spire #2
    This Damned Band #1
    We Can Never Go Home #2 and 3 2nd printings
    We Stand On Guard #2
    Wicked + the Divine #13 B (haven’t read this since issue 4 or 5, but this cover art grabbed me)

    1. Probably not profitable. It’s expensive ticket an exclusive variant and they wer rolling some big titles. Likely cost far more to get the exclusives than they were able to pull in.

    2. Horribly ran company. They sent me comics damaged pre shipping, sent damaged copies to replace and have sent me the last two boxes after I had cancelled my subscription without charging me. I don’t mind free comics, but not a strategy for long term success for the business.

      1. It was a great concept that started out with a bang but I think the variants were not as good going forward. They shipped from Canada and a lot of stuff could happen on the way down south. Damaged comics before being sent, I feel us, Skybound did that to me but replaced the copy with a non-damaged copy.

  18. Anyone have any luck getting the Fade Out #8? My shop didn’t get any. It’s my favorite book so I was disappointed. Looks like a lot of shops will receive their copies next week instead. It appears a truck breakdown was to blame but apparently some copies made it to select store shelves.

      1. He’s my favorite creator these days. This book has been a slow burn but it’s been fantastic along the way. I was fairly bummed out when I got home and realized the Fade Out wasn’t in my stack. Called the guys at my shop and they said it had been pushed back. I thought they meant they had been shorted but after a little Google work I found out that a lot of shops had their shipments delayed by a week.

        What did you think of Dark Corridor? I didn’t realize it was going to be 2 stories combined. I felt it kind of left each story lacking a bit due to lack of space to properly lay out a story. I enjoyed it and will keep pulling it but I think it would have been better served to tell each story in it’s own individual issue and maybe had them tie together later down the road since I’m fairly sure that’s where it’s headed.

        1. Brubaker does do an excellent job of pulling you into the story. He’s a master at narrating and yes, slow build up of the story, character development, etc. Really makes you feel like your part of the story, getting into the people’s heads, etc.

          I have not read Dark Corridor yet..

        1. Don’t forget Fatale as well. Plus his work on Captain America made me actually like Captain America. I was never big on Cap until I read Brubaker’s Cap.

          1. I’ve never read Fatale. Funny you mention it. I’ve never rented a trade from my library. I’ve never even thought of doing it. But someone told me they had them there and sure enough Fatale was in their catalog. I got my name on the list. I don’t really read anything superhero related (with the exception of some Batman in trade) but I should check out his run on captain America.

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