Mel’s Variant picks of the week

What’s up CHU? Another great week for comics. With comics comes variants. With variants comes the chase. I pick the ones I am feeling each week. Remember some variants go up in value, some go down in value, but as long as you buy the covers you like you will never lose.


Up first, one based on one of the most iconic covers in Spider-Man history, Amazing Spider-Man #50. That book is Bloodshot Reborn #5 Dave Johnson Variant. This one just makes me smile. Bloodshot No More. Bloodsquirt is taking over.

fly 5

Up next is another one I am just digging, this should be an easy one to find as it is a subscription variant. The Fly #5 Alberto Ponticelli variant. Another great retro IDW cover. These have blown away DC’s recent variant themes for their books. Low risk, chance of reward. I am sure either Anthony or Poyo will have this as a pick of the week just because of the cover.

That is it for me. Chime in and let us know what you think or which covers you are chasing.

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