Answer to “What happened to Imperium #7?”

I posted the story that some shops did not get Imperium #7 in their weekly Diamond Delivery earlier this week. A helpful retailer to the west of me provided an answer to what happened.

it’s a regional shipping issue.

east coast stores served out of OLIVE BRANCH are getting their’s next week; I did get my UPS DIRECT Re-Order (I upped orders on it after I saw your post this weekend ;)) — but, the actual initials (i.e new comic shipment ones)

anyways, this isn’t super uncommon, basically: Valiant’s printers did not get this or BLOODSHOT REBORN to certain distro centers (not sure if Plattsburg which services most of Canada and NY and that region was affected, ditto w/ West Coast), but Olive Branch (the one that services DMV down through to TN — was affected.

So there you go.

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