Just for Fun, 1994 Fantastic Four Trailer

Sorry for being away for a couple of days. In addition to the Black Mask signing this weekend, I have also been terribly sick. After a few nights of crashing out early, I am back on the mend and trying to get things back on track. With that said, I came across this gem again. The 1994 Fantastic Four movie trailer for the Roger Corman directed film. Just goes to show there was a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not so great.

I own a boot leg copy of this somewhere.

added bonus 1990 Captain America

7 thoughts on “Just for Fun, 1994 Fantastic Four Trailer”

  1. I disagree about the FF film, which I have and have seen on YouTube recently, once again. It may be hokey, it may use practical effects on a small budget, but I give Corman credit for making an FF film that was the comic book brought to life. Even Doom was from Eastern Europe, if one goes by the accent of the character. He hit every stroke, every note just right. Yes, the Thing’s costume was rough, but about as good as the one Chiklis wore in the Fox films, and way better than the dino-dung of the latest entry. The film had some shake your head moments, mainly the Jeweler, who was a new character created to replace The Mole Man who, for some reason, they couldn’t use. Of the four films, the Corman film is my favorite FF film.

  2. Yeah I think that was from “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” in the late 70’s. Come to think of it I think they filmed a lot of it at Six Flags Magic Mountain in CA. Same place they filmed Wally World from “Vacation” and the puppet show from “Spinal Tap”.

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