One to Watch: X-Men #8

There was a lot of rumbling over the past few weeks if the Gambit movie would be made. At first, there was rumors that Channing Tatum was not going to go through with the movie. Then it came out that he was going to go through with it. So it looks like the movie will be happening. With that, we have a book to be on the look out for.

X-Men #8 has become of interest and is definitely worth watching. The reason is, this is the first appearance of Belladonna, Gambit’s Wife. Casting of Belladonna went full steam ahead about three or four days ago.

There are only two copies up on eBay, X-Men #8 ungraded with an asking price of $28.99 and a X-Men #8 9.8 CGC copy with an asking price of $69.99.

Mycomicshop has copies of X-Men #8 for $6 NM and $4.80 in VF.

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  1. CGC lists Spectacular Spider Man #43 as her first appearance. CGC lists Xmen #8 as having a Ghost Rider appearance, nothing about her…unless Xmen #8 has a new or altered version of Belladonna? Either way I was able to find NM- to NM (at least listed as) copies of both for under $5. Both can still be found outside of Ebay and probably at many comic shops cheap. very low risk right now.

  2. OK, from what I can gather Belladonna from Spectacular Spider Man #43 and Bella Donna Boudreaux from Xmen #8 are two different characters. Apparently she has been too minor up to this point to be listed on certified books. I guess when I get my copies of both I will find out for sure after I read them. Right now as Anthony pointed out X-men #8 is the one to get… But try to find them cheap. $28 is just too high. I’m sure high grade copies can be found between $5 and $10 on other sites and local comic shops.

    1. Oh, it had a staggeringly large, typical 90a print run, it’s definitely too high. There isn’t a comic shop that doesn’t have a copy. Where I’m at you can’t wade through a dollar bin without stumbling over a copy. It’ll fizzle down to ten bucks once the market floods, just like X-Force 19 did.

  3. Yeah just bought the 2nd appearance of deadpool for 10 buck when a couple of months ago it was going for crazy $. Most likely the same will happen with this one. That’s why you need to jump in the game and fast to make that quick $$

  4. For books like this when C and D list characters make significant TV or Movie appearances I just buy one copy for my personal collection if I don’t have it already. Like stated above the print run on many books from the 90’s are huge and unless marvel does something big with this character I can’t see it staying at a high price for long.

    1. Aside from Deadpool, I avoid all Sony movie first appearances unless I can get them dirt cheap and flip. One look at Apocalypse’s costume…was so glad I let all those X-factor’s go.

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