Tom Hardy to produce and star in 100 Bullets

Tom Hardy, star of Mad Max Fury road and who played Bane in Dark Knight Rises, is set to produce and star in 100 Bullets. 100 Bullets is based on the Vertigo comic series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

From Screen Rant

According to THR, Hardy is going to produce and likely star in a film adaptation of the DC/Vergtigo comic book property 100 Bullets for New Line. The title – which was written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso – ran for 100 issues from 1999 to 2009. The comic books’ storyline center on the mysterious Agent Graves, who presents different people with the chance for revenge and 100 untraceable bullets with which to seize it.

Copies of 100 Bullets #1 have been selling briskly since the announcement, as have copies of Preacher #51 (which contained a preview of 100 Bullets.) Copies of Transmetropolitan #23 haven’t shown much movement even though it also contained a preview of 100 Bullets and came out the same month as Preacher #51.

Guesses on who is going to play? Seems a little young to play Agent Graves.

6 thoughts on “Tom Hardy to produce and star in 100 Bullets”

  1. 100 Bullets #1 has been a bitch to find in the wild even before the TV show rumors first circulated a year or so ago. Just like Scapled #1, if you didn’t have it early, you’re gonna be paying

  2. Both books came out in May 1999 (cover date of July).

    Print Runs:

    Preacher # 51 – 41,383
    Transmetropolitan # 23 – 17,726

    Unless someone finds a street date, TransMet should be comic to buy.

  3. Definitely Lono I listed one on eBay yesterday not knowing about the announcement and someone bought it :s opps they got it for a steal!

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