Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for 8/12/15

While all you people are off picking up your new comics, I’ll be driving towards the coast for a much needed vacation.. it’s too bad the kids and wife are with me, they’re the ones I need a vacation from! I kid.. I kid.. well, sort of. (Editor’s note: If Poyo does not return next week we know why!)

Anyways, it’s a lighter week so I won’t be missing much, with some pre-orders made along with notifying my usual place to add to my pulls, let’s get on with the picks.

Batman #43 (DC) – A new villain? I’m not too crazy about this oversized rabbit bat suit Gordon is using but a new villain (possibly a major ongoing villain) in Gotham is a must pick up for sure. Go back over the years and just look at Batman’s main villain first appearances.. usually villains don’t hold a lot of value but in Batman’s world they usually do or have that potential to.

Walking Dead #145 (Image) – So yeah, a lot of people died last issue, in a very gruesome way. The Whisperers leader is crazy but she did something sane as well (go read it if you want to know), is she really crazy or was it all an act to keep control of her group as Alpha? There will likely be more blood shed.. Rick will not walk away from this most likely, he’s trying to change the world back to a civilized world but how does one accomplish this when the rest of the world is uncivilized now?

Americatown #1 (Boom!) – Wait, Americans are emigrating to other countries now after a collapse? The land where everyone wants to live is now where no one wants to live? Sounds like an interesting concept and worth checking out if done right, both story and art.

Beauty #1 (Image) – Being beautiful as a sexually transmitted disease? We do live in a world where most judge others based on looks.. We also live in a world where people do really stupid things to look good, so yeah, this one seems interesting enough to check out.

That’s it.. hope you all have fun on new comic book day, I’ll be on the beach hopefully before sundown with a few drinks consumed and a few sand castles already made!

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  1. Ha-ha, if I don’t return next week that means I’ve quit my job to become a full time beach bum or I got kidnapped by a Mexican Drug Cartel…..

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