Variant Envy: GI Joe #217 Storm Shadow Action Figure Variant


Now that I have the Snake Eyes and Baroness covers, I must get the next one in the series. I haven’t been keen on many of the Marvel Action Figure covers as for the most part they haven’t been real ones, but these GI Joe ones make me nostalgic, and makes me wish the younger me would have not opened his toys and saved them for later. (I could have been rich I tell ya.)

So continuing the action figure variants, and not sure how many more there will be in the line, but GI Joe #217 features the book end to the Snake Eye’s Action Figure variant, and the only other figure as bad ass as Snake Eye’s was, Storm Shadow!


Capturing the classic look of the figure on card, GI Joe #217 can be gotten at More Great Art.

Also considering picking up the Red Sonja Conan #1 Dawn McTeigue Heroes Haven Variant they have. Sonja on the cover looks very J. Scott Campbell-ish (especially in the face) and I have always loved these characters (especially back in the Marvel era).

This can also be picked up at MGA.


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  1. Spot on…the only badass figures were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. This reminds me of a really old dispute me and my brother had, but I knew who had the best figures. I should send him this post! I would grab a copy, but trying to avoid the Action Figure variants, I just succumbed to the Star Wars ones this week, grabbing 3-7, only to find 1 & 2 way to pricey at the moment.

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