August Loot Crate Villains 2 Unboxing

I have been really excited for this months Loot Crate as I expected a Joker figure of some sort. Well, some sort of Joker figure was obtained. Check out this months Loot Crate:

And because he had so much fun doing it last month, Joe is back to help open the box.

21 thoughts on “August Loot Crate Villains 2 Unboxing”

  1. I definitely want the Hydra pin myself. Wife will want the apron. I’m sure the kids will fight over the wooden Joker and I like the mug but man, I got so many mugs so it’ll likely be used by everyone.

      1. It looks heavy. I currently drink my coffee from either my Darth Vader mug or one of the few vendor mugs I seem to collect when vendors come and try to sell us servers, network gear, etc.

  2. It’s kind of cool how some mugs were carnage and some venom. I don’t know which I would prefer so the randomness might actually be helpful!

  3. Your boy looks like he had lost of fun this time . I am still waiting for mine hopefully it gets here today or tomorrow

    1. When Anthony gets his.. mine always arrives about 5 days later. Maybe they box and ship according to member # when signed up, etc. Cause you know, if they’re shipping from Cali, Texas a lot closer than Maryland! 😉

  4. Just got mine and yeah I got carnage as well. Really hoped for a venom mug… Oh well I will try and make carnage work lol or it can always end up in the wife’s display case lol.

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