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Work week is finally over (unless you have to work weekends) so Mel V. shot me a fun message. He suggested a little game he calls Buy, Sell, Keep. He throws out three books and you let us know which one you would buy at its current price, sell at its current price, or keep in your collection. 

You may have played a similar game with friends. We get into wicked games of “FMK” at work (wont go into it but I work with some nutty people). Anyway here are the three books he threw out for the first game:

Boba Fett Black and White Sketch Action figure cover- currently sells for $47-50

We Can Never Go Home #1- currently sells for about $60

Young Terrorists #1 cover C- Currently sells for $25

So, which would you buy, sell, or keep?

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  1. Sell we can never go home, this is the hottest it will get. Buy young terrorists while it’s still affordable, hold Boba Fett until movie hype intensifies.

  2. I’d keep the Boba Fett. Most of my Star Wars (unless I get multiple copies to flip with) stay in collection until the day I can’t refuse to sell them.

    I’d probably sell WCNGH, if I got it at cover price.

    Young Terrorists cover C.. well, considering I sold a copy for around that amount, yeah. I still have a copy for the PC though.

  3. BUY Young Terrorists (but only if found at cover price).
    SELL We Can Never Go Home (always SELL small press while hot).
    KEEP Star Wars

  4. Boba Fett Black and White Sketch Action figure cover- SELL

    We Can Never Go Home #1- KEEP

    Young Terrorists #1 cover C- BUY

  5. Buy YT, Sell the Fett variant. Unlike WCNGH the Fett variant has already come down, and was pricey to get in The first place. The AFV thing was a cool fad, but I worry about the long term potential of these variants, especially when they’re making SO MANY of them. Keep the WCNGH #1, at least for another month, and see how the series continues to do. It had the lowest price point of the three, and has more breathing room.

  6. 1. Boba Fetts #4 and #7. They sold for more the week they were released and I think they’ll sell for more once they settle into Star Wars collections.

    2. I thing YT is ongoing. If I’m correct about that-keep. We might have a We Can Never Go Home situation but with a higher cover price.

    3. WCNGH-sell. If you spend $3-4 bucks on this, I think more than a 1000% profit is all a boy could ask for.

      1. Lol. It’s based off the game FMK (lots of fun to play in my office, we come up with crazy ones). Where you have to “consummate” with one, marry another, and off the third. For example Kim, Kylie, and Khloe Kardashian/Jenner. Have to choose. No outs.

      2. That’s awful to make someone pick out of the Kardashian clan. Can I pick Bruce/Caitlyn over the nasty girls in that group to consummate? 😉

  7. Sell Star Wars
    Buy terrorists
    Keep we can never go home

    The later two have some way to go until their value peeks. That Star Wars comic will never be a classic. Nobody will remember it in 5 years. Where can it go from here? It could, at max, double its current price, but I have higher hopes for the other two and $50 is a good price

    1. The other two could be dollar bin comics as well. One has to consider, Star Wars has been around how long? And how many fans does it have and will pick up in the coming years? Honestly, the safe bet out of the 3 is Star Wars, there will always be fans for it. The others are hot now but unless they pick up more fans, get movie or TV deals and then get even more popular, they can just as quickly drop off everyone’s radar.

      They definitely have more peak value possibly but if you stick with Star Wars, it definitely has the long term potential value or at least to retain value.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rootin for it to continue and to be successful but I also try to be a realist as well. It’s a new series, it’s novelty could die off really quickly. Long term money I’d bet on Star Wars out of these comics.

  8. Sell… all three… to me… for cover price.

    No? Fine.

    Buy: Young Terrorists

    Sell: We Can Never Go Home. This one is tough. I think we’re just starting to see the potential of Black Mask, so there’s still room to grow. But over $50 profit is hard to pass up. Obviously hold one if you have multiples.

    Hold: Boba Fett. I’m not a fan of B/W covers, but this has a couple of things going for it. A character with a huge long term fan base, and the probability of a stand alone Boba Fett movie. Get ready for Disney owned Star Wars saturation.

    1. I think saturation is the key word there. It’s a black and white variant of a pre-existing variant that’s already flooded into the market. People are starting to lose their taste for these variants, and it’s showing in precipitous price decline this cover has seen. The more widely available color version had a much slower rate of decay, but at this point the novelty has worn thin. If they make a Fett film that’ll be great, but even then the book to sit on is going to be his first appearance in the original Star Wars ongoing. The variant covers lack any historical significance. It isn’t even his first cover, a his first appearance was also his first cover appearance. It’s just a variant with Bobba Fett on it, no different than any other. That book has race to the bottom written all over it.

      1. I disagree. There will always be Star War fans. There will always be Boba Fett fans. We have 30+ years of proof of that.

        The other two comics are hot now, since they’re right off the press but since they are very young titles with a very young publisher, they could very well just vanish like a fart in the wind over night after all the hoopla is over.

        Don’t get me wrong, I have high hopes for them, I think they’re both great reads and great stories but Star Wars has already proven itself with comics, toys, movies and shows, video games, etc. It’s an established franchise that will only continue to grow with popularity. The safest bet if you go long term is Star Wars. The other two you try to determine peak value and sell if that’s your intention, cause it could be gone before you know it. Do they have the same potential as Star Wars? Probably but highly unlikely due to their type of story, etc.

      2. I have to agree, when the colour Fett first appeared on ebay UK I was watching auctions go for £70 – £80, now you can get it for £40 ( or best offer ). This time with the B&W Fett as soon as sellers listed them they were listed for around £40 and strangely the interest had vastly dropped and the sales have been dead slow since, really surprised me considering the B&W had a print run of 3000 compared to the colour’s run of an extra 2000 copies in comparison. So it’s either due to people losing interest from saturation, or they have got smart and learned from the colour cover that if they wait then the prices will most likely drop

        On the other hand I also agree that Star Wars will ALWAYS have demand ( as long as it has nothing to do with Episode 1 lol ), then after the new trilogy has passed and hopefully with the new Fett movie/TV series there should be a massive new fan base, and these covers should start demanding a much higher price ( hopefully )

  9. I tired to buy the Boba b&w but that didnt happen we all know the story. I picked up 2 copiee pf we can never go home 1 boston comic con variants i plan on putting up pn ebay later (idk think i should ask $80 each) and keep young terrorist

  10. There’s a huge difference between there being Star Wars fans, and a book being a key for collectors. Star Wars #42 is a key for Bobba Fett fans. The Action Figure variant is just a variant cover featuring Bobba Fett. It’s finally starting to show when 4 and 7 are selling for the exact same amount, and seven is still new to the secondary market. I’d like to be wrong because I’m not wild about what my copy of the 7 variant is worth right now, but it doesn’t bode well for the book when it’s experienced such a sharp drop off in perceived value.

    1. Think longer term.. your talking about the changes in just a few weeks or so, but think long term. As collectors come and go, even the variants will or could increase in value. Once all the collectors grab their copy, they’re going to tuck them away in their collection for years or possibly decades. Sure there will always be some available for sale but when you think long term, the demand will always be there while the number available for sale will likely go down.

      Hot comics are like IPO’s even.. at initial offering, everyone wants in. Prices skyrocket, people make money… etc. Then when everyone gets their piece, the price drops as demand drops. Over time, when the company continues to do well, takes on new investors, it starts to go back up.. It all boils down to, supply and demand. Over time, more Star Wars fans are born. Some become Boba Fett fans.. so over time, you could see the value start to steadily increase, maybe not over night $1000 type increases but will gradually increase.

      But then again, no one can predict demand that creates value. The next 3 Star Wars films could blow, causing a slow demand in the comics. 😉

        1. I can’t get my kids to watch the first 6 episodes but before we go see these in the theater, I’m making them watch them. And yes, I hope it doesn’t suck.

    2. I know this isn’t comics, but this is a comparison on the supply, demand & value comparison. Here in the UK the 2012 Olympic 50p coin series was released in circulation featuring 29 different 50p coins all with different sport/event designs, and the Royal Mint released an official Olympic solid cardboard folder/album to house the coins in, It was £5 to buy, when they ran out of stock it was selling for £25+ on ebay. After several months they decided to make more and re-release it ( for £5 again ) so I got in and ordered 300 of em ‘believing’ it would increase again once it’s sold out, I made some good money selling them but because there was so many sellers catching onto it and flooding the market with them I was only able to double my money on them all. But guess what?.. now I feel sick, they are now super rare 1 year later and they are demanding £50+ each every time guaranteed, which just shows what happens when the supply is gone. Interest has defo dropped with the B&W Fett, but whenever I buy a comic ( to resell ) that drops in value I try to think about that past experience knowing it can very easily change when supply runs dry, and it’s only a matter of time!

      1. Exactly. What happened with the Boba Fett BW was that mostly dealers and flippers got the initial comics at the set price but then turned around and set their own price in the secondary market, thus turning away some potential buyers. The smart ones waited to get at a lower price cause these sold out so quickly initially with the initial hype, that’s a clear sign it was the people gobbling them up to sell on the secondary at inflated prices.

        I think over time, people will continue to buy them, tuck them away in their collections and as the supply starts to diminish, over time the demand will stay the same which will cause these to go back up potentially.

  11. Buy young terrorists (although I think cover a is the future gem)
    Keep we can never go home (I see a $1000 book here)
    Sell Boba Fett.

  12. These are good books. I would

    Keep- We Can Never Go Home
    Buy- Boba Fett since I didn’t get to when everyone else got there hands on them within minutes of release
    Sell- Young Terrorist

    And I don’t own none of these lol

  13. Ok well im buying Young terrorists (which i did already lol) then im selling We can go home (even tho im keeping mine anyway lol) and keep the Boba fett cover cause its such a sick cover and Boba is my boy!!! (Which i also own and keeping too)

  14. Good luck selling Boba unless you go sub $40….not a deader comic out there except maybe Hell Yeah or No Place Like Home

  15. Keep bobba fett cuz its awesome and may increase as the movies are releases

    Buy wcngh – yes it’s a gamble at that price, but i think it has a big future. Def the risky bet.

    Sell YT – it’s hot from the sell out, but it will cool off, time to capitalize

  16. BUY Boba Fett (the only one of the three I don’t have)
    BUY Young Terrorists (cover a) to hold — or sell, if I had two
    KEEP We Can Never (which I’m currently doing — I’ve actually done very well with this comic so far: I have a full set of Number 1s I got for cover to keep in my collection; I’ve also sold two number ones for a nice profit so far; and I still have another #1b 1-in-5 variant to sell whenever the timing seems right (soon, I imagine, but one never knows…) 🙂

  17. I wasn’t pointed it out towards you Tony. I was pointing more towards the plague that attacked the site withing minutes lol. See you need to do another CHU variant to see how fast the plague attacks yours lol. But you need to make sure you save me one. I can pay in advance lol

  18. “agentpoyo on August 22, 2015 at 11:31 pm
    I can’t get my kids to watch the first 6 episodes but before we go see these in the theater, I’m making them watch them. And yes, I hope it doesn’t suck.”

    Don’t, do it. Start them off with A New Hope and pretend 1-3 don’t exist. They will have better lives.

  19. What do you guys think about the variants for WCNGH #1? I got a copy of cover B at my LCS but it was VF/NM at best, so I bought one of the Bad Brains homage covers as well.

    1. I love them. A is the money cover but you could easily flip the B cover. The Bad Brains homage is the Phantom Variant. I should have held on to one of those. I have been picking up the variants when I saw them earlier on.

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