Recent Image Sold Out Books

Thanks to Terry Hoknes at Hoknes Comics for the info and write up.

Due to a change in policy at Image, they started to over print comics to prevent the books from selling out and going back for reprints. They did this to allow more readers to get copies, and save on having to go back to the printers. Due to this, Image Comics now vastly overprints all new books, especially new #1’s. So now, if a book sells out its really a surprise and might be the only future big money books.

Remember, when we talk about sold out books, we mean sold out at the distributor lever. This doesn’t mean you will not be able to pick these up at your local comic shop, it means that once they sell out they will not be able to order additional first print copies.

The only Image comics to sell out the past 4 months are:

ROCKET GIRL and PISCES from Image are cancelled
INTERSECT and DYING AND THE DEAD from Image are cancelled

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  1. Hi Anthony. Very useful Image news (Thank you Terry). Do you happen to know which issue of Pisces will be the last printed ? I have on pre-order up to Issue #5 so am still expecting Issues #4 & #5 to come, hopefully !? Thanks

    1. I can’t believe the dying and the dead canceled. It hardly had a chance to get started! We’ve had, what, 2 issue or so? I should have known something was wrong when they’ve been so slow getting them out.

  2. I just asked the Writer of Rocket Girl if its canceled and he said no, that the retailer orders for 8 and 9 were taken off to be re-solicited. Its still going to continue. I bet thats the case with Dying and the Dead too.

    1. Yeah I keep seeing dates for Dying and the Dead #3. Figured things got slow for Hickman with Secret Wars stuff at Marvel along with all the busy summer Comic Con schedules since most of his titles slowed down for the past few months.

  3. Just wondering about the source for the cancellations. Are the books actually cancelled or just the recent orders for specific upcoming issues are cancelled so that they can re-solicit due to shipping delays (because the books are not being completed on time,,,). Someone mentioned they spoke with the writer of Rocket Girl and apparently no one told him the series was done (more like rescheduled?). I was checking the Image site for any news, but not much word on cancellations. Anyone know if Peter Panzerfaust got the Axe? I haven’t heard much from that series lately, and I was kinda liking it…

      1. I could see that one was closing in on the finale (Peter Panzerfaust). It’s definitely the type if they kept going it would just be repeating itself, started doing that anyways. I should end now, I was likely going to drop it as my interest was sizzling away anyways.

          1. Yeah, I think Panzer reached it’s peak long ago. Unless it’s revived with a new media deal that is. I picked up a #1 back for about $80 (at the time it was peaking around $200 if graded at 9.8)… was very pleased cause I do like it, but lately it has been losing my interest. It should end soon and quickly, continuing it would only ruin the complete story I think.

  4. the cancelled series could be back if the writer/artist get back on track. but these titles are up to 6 months behind and Image is not going to solicit new issues if they cant finish issues due 6 months ago

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