Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for delivery 8/26/15

It’s the back to school comic book predictions this week.. so yeah, lets get right to it shall we, as this week should be exciting I think, lots of potential spec comics coming out.

Drive #1 (IDW) – Fans of the movie will seek this one out. Already sold out online at most retailers. It won’t be super hard to find though but does have potential of heating up. It’s a 4 book mini-series adaptation from the movie.

Sons of the Devil #4 Cover B Brian Millar (Image) – I don’t know about you but the Exorcist is still the only movie to creep me out (yes, watch it alone, in the complete dark). So seeing this homage cover is just awesome and is a must pick up. (Editors Note: I love this series, also check out 4C movie poster cover– Anthony)

SHIELD #9 (Marvel) – Arthur Adams and Jack Kirby Variants. Yes, find them cheap if you can and flip them. Most retailers are already sold out and this one will be hard to come by and an easy flip if you can get’em. Sell quickly though, they’ll likely sizzle off some after the hard core collectors get their copies.

We Can Never Go Home #4 (Black Mask) – Yes, pick it up, even if you don’t read it. It’s very likely you can make money off these since they are still being under ordered while demand is high. Most retailers already sold out online ahead of release. #3 was an easy $20 book at one point so don’t let this one slip past.

Big Spec of the Week:

Over the Garden Wall #1 (Boom!) – Yes, pick up any and all covers of this release. We all know how the one-shot went, don’t let this one slip past you. The regular cover will also be a good pick up if you can’t find the variants for cheap.

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