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Last weeks Buy, Sell, Keep went over really well so we wanted to throw another one out there. This one is the biggies of books from the past 20 or so years and features the most popular characters as a result. So chime in below with which book you would buy, which book you would sell, and which book you would keep (if you were lucky enough to grab these at a reasonable price.

Amazing Spider-man #300– First appearance of Venom. The book in cgc 9.8 has cracked $1,000.

New Mutants #98– First Deadpool. Recent sales in the $850 range.

Batman Adventures #12– First Harley Quinn. Asking prices approaching $2000, with recent sales at $1750

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    1. It is a game. You don’t have to own them or want to own them. I would Sell BA 12 cause $2k is a good car down payment. Keep NM 98 as there is room to grow. And buy ASM 300 as I like Venom, and have owned this book numerous times.

  1. I would say Buy NM 98 because you can still find them for a reasonable price, sell ASM 300 because I think it would be easier to replace in the future, and Keep BA 12 because prices are insane.

    I picked up ASM 300 for cover price back in the day and still have it. I got NM 98 for $50 a few years ago before prices took off. I missed the boat on BA 12 and will probably never afford one. If I had that kind of money to spend on a comic, I’d invest in some nice key Silver/Bronze books.

  2. Buy New Mutants (mostly because I don’t have one)

    Sell Spider-Man (Flash Venom is just not as exciting as the Eddie Brock version, so the future of the character does not look great to me. However, my What If Venom/Deadpool that I picked up for $40 keeps going up. Had that sucker signed by Skottie Young last year.)

    Keep Batman Adventures (About 3 years ago, I found a copy of Batman Adventures 12 at my lcs for $4 in the kids’ back issue bins. A few months later, I picked one up in a dollar bin at a con where the dealer was selling off his collection, everything for a dollar. Guess I’m going to have to get them slabbed.)

    1. I’m jealous! I’m holding out hope that one day I’ll dig up a BA from an unsuspecting dealer/LCS. I keep hearing stories of it happening so I have to believe I can find one someday. 🙂

      1. Ha!. Maybe it is a good thing I haven’t won a free Wednesday book from you yet! I’m a bit leery about getting them graded. Afraid someone might “lose” them in the process. Usually, I take books to a dealer at a con to send in. Any suggestions?

  3. Keep-Deadpool until hungry new Deadpoolians need their deadpool after the Deadpool movie…Deadpool.

    Buy- Amazing Spider-Man 300. This book has more going for it than simply first appearance of Venom. This is part of a classic run with a classic overly homaged cover. I think the spidey factor of this one will always be a strong selling point.

    Sell- Batman Adventures before what looks like a mediocre Suicide Squad movie destroys hype in Harley.

  4. I would sell BA #12 even though my wife would probably kill me for doing it lol. Earlier in the year a local shop had a 9.8 for $800 man I wish I would of worked some kind of a deal with the shop owner.
    Buy NM 98. Had the chance to buy a 9.8 for 100 way back but no extra cash.
    And keep ASM 300 since I am a Todd McFarlane fan and venom.

  5. Buy ASM 300. Venom has got to appear sometime soon and when it does it will be sweet.
    Sell Batman Adventures 12. Thousands? Yes please!
    Keep New Mutants 98. Deadpool is a huge fave right now. The movie trailer is getting massive positive feedback. This will keep going up.

  6. Amazing Spider-man #300 – BUY !!!!!! – get this now before the next Spider-man movie.

    New Mutants #98 – KEEP !!!!! – Sell when the movie comes out.

    Batman Adventures #12 – SELL !!!!!! – Too much hype. Sell now and buy more ASM #300 issues.

  7. I’d buy Batman Advs, Harley is a key member of Batman’s villain gallery, and demand for Bat villains will remain around as long as there are comics.
    I’d keep Spiderman 300 for the same reason, Venom is Spider-man’s villain.
    I’d sell Deadpool when it peaks, Marvel is rapidly approaching the saturation point for DP overkill, and there’s no guarantee a movie based on him will be good or translate to increased value. a As example I give you Punisher and Ghost Rider.

  8. I brought those comics at cover price long ago. Based on experience, best option is to keep blue chip collectibles with long term potential. Unlike stores, no need to sell unless money is needed.

  9. Buy Venom – one of my all time fav characters

    Sell batman adv 12 – this may have peaked

    Keep new mutants – deadpool has franchise potential

  10. Sell … Amazing Spider-Man 300 (I’d buy these but had to pick one on the list to sell lol)
    Buy … New Mutants 98 (Should have room to grow)
    Keep … Batman Adventures #12 (lower print run than both of the others, harder to find in high grade?)

  11. Keep them all if you don’t have them already. First Appearances of major Characters (especially Deadpool and Harley Quinn) are must haves, due to their popularity.

    If you don’t have them buy BA 12 9.8 CGC because I think Harley Quinn’s popularity will keep skyrocketing even if the Suicide Squad movie sucks. (The actress who plays Harley Quinn has a 3 movie contract btw so more people will be familiar with the character from the movies if they have been living under a rock). I’m even bold enough to say that in 30 years or less BA 12 will be as hot as the first full appearance of Wolverine in Hulk 181 is today. Its defiantly the best long term investment comic out of the 3 listed.

  12. Buy ASM 300, sell BA 12, and keep NM 98. I only see Deadpool being a long-term book, but I still really an ASM 300, and I say sell BA, because that is a to of cash.

  13. Keep ASM 300 (I actually picked up some ASM back issues today, local shop was having a 50% off back issue sale)
    Buy New Mutants 98 (Buy now, after movie comes out it’s gonna go up more than likely… then I sell)
    Sell Batman Adventures #12 (LikeAnthony, that’s nice money.. that’s if I got it for cheap, etc).

  14. Buy AS 300, keep NM 98, Sell BA 12. Actually went to a seller from Craigslist that doesn’t deal in comics today . Was flipping through collection came across BA 1,2,3, etc got to 11 and then sadly 13, thought I had a dream come true as they were all in NM . Was able to grab batman and robin adventures 8 and Wonder Woman 184 for a buck a piece , as well as others for a buck, but man what a let down.

  15. Buy: Amazing Spider-man #300, Venom hasn’t peaked yet
    Keep: New Mutants #98, wait for the movie in 2016
    Sell: Batman Adventures #12, Suicide Squad has Harley at her hottest right now

  16. This is tough, since I have all three, but…
    BUY – Amazing Spider-man #300 – before the next Spider-man movie (then sell)
    SELL – New Mutants #98 – when the movie comes out (before Wolverine-itus kicks in)
    KEEP – Batman Adventures #12 – I think this will only grow in value, since it wasn’t a high print run like the other two and the character (starting as a Batman villain then in suicide squad and solo has lots of room to grow)

    1. Youre about the only one on here who knows whats going on, Harley has a LOT of room to grow, the print run on new mutants is massive, and venom and green goblin have already been almost confirmed to not be in the next movie, word has it that kraven will be the villian

      1. yeah, I’m surprised NM 98 ever manages to sell that high with such high print run. Crazy, right? BA #12 has potential to eventually become somewhat similar to a Walking Dead #1 (especially if the movie is good or she goes solo). Either way, she’s a character whose appeal and fanbase will only grow over time. Also, the market is flooded with slabbed copies, so with such a low print run, eventually, high grade raw copies will be even more rare…

  17. I picked up BA at a garage sale last spring – I bought a short box that included the whole run for $10. I sold it before our trip to Maui in May for $227.64 on eBay. I had no idea it had gone up so much in value since then! I went back to the same guy last fall and bought his complete run of NM for $100 and sold it before my trip to Ireland in May of this year for $450 at C2E2. I figured everyone will hold it til the movie gets close and then the market will be even more flooded that it already somewhat seems to be.

    1. Sorry I did real life: sell, sell, couldn’t find (he didn’t have that issue of Spidey – someone likely had already cherry picked it)

  18. Is the assumption that I have 3 9.8 cgc
    Keep asm 300

    Sell Ba Harley – it’s a crappy character compared to deadpool and venom- it’s not even close. How long could Harley withstand a battle with venom or deadpool? 20 seconds?

    Buy deadpool he is uber popular!

  19. Buying Asm 300 cause I love venom ( have it already ) … Sell BA 12 cause I’m not a huge Harley Quinn fan so rather take that ridiculous amount of cash…. and keep NM 98 cause deadpool was always rising in price and I think this will def keeping goin up with this movie release.

  20. Sell ASM 300….the hype makes no sense, theres no movie confirmation, theres only been hype on forums about the issue hitting new highs on ebay, nothing more nothing less, venom is an important character, but semi-confirmation that the next films will use and introduce new villians to the big screen makes the hype around this comic nonsensical.

    Keep ( reluctantly ) New Mutants, not sure if people have looked into the print run for these, but there are a LOT of these in existence, the guy playing deadpool has been heavy hit or miss in his previous films, if this movie thats rated R fails, prices will sink heavily, hes already a ….wolverine copy but as a wacky character, this train can only be pulled along for so long

    BUY without a doubt Batman Adventures, it dosent have to be a 9.8 pristine SS copy, but Harley has already solidified herself as a major player in the DC universe, if suicide squad is even REMOTELY good as a film, a sequel will follow, and there will eventually be a spin off in some form or fashion, people shouldnt kid themselves about how important this issue will be, HOWEVER, if you can sell one for 2k, without a doubt, do it now, the price jump isnt hype but more so greed because people know they can sell for a lot, but without a doubt, get a low grade, a mid grade, anything you can get your hands on because i have a feeling the next 10 years will only cause a steady rise in this issue

  21. This is painful, I’ve invested in multiple copies of each and Deadpool is my favorite comic. (did not know BA #12 was going that high) Sell: Batman Adventures #12- price is out of control Buy: Amazing Spider-Man #300 -prices have dropped and Spider-Man movies will improve, plus the Deadpool movie could usher in a new age of adult comic movies that Venom could benifit from. Keep: New Mutants #98 – The movie’s success will create an even bigger fan base and cause investors to create one more price hike.

  22. Sell – Batman Adventures 12: I’m bearish on any Warner brothers movie. I don’t think it will be well received, and her oversaturation in the comics is nearing that of Deadpool.

    Keep – New Mutants 98: at least until the movie. Deadpool has staying power moreso than Harley Quinn in my opinion.

    Buy – Amazing Spider-man 300: this book still has growth potential. I think despite all the chaos of changes the character has gone through holds it back in many ways, but out of the 3 offerings this is probably the least “hot” so that’s the time to buy.

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