Variant Envy: Gi Joe 218 NYCC Variant. Artgerm Cover


Ok Ladies and Gents. Here is one I have known about for a while and was strictly forbidden to talk about. But now it is available for pre-order. Gi Joe #218 NYCC Variant with art by Artgerm.

I am telling you folks if you cannot make it to NYCC get this before it is gone. Artgerm is famous for his beautiful women and has a huge following. This book features the baddy Baroness looking not too bad. the pre-order on this will sell out. The book is presented by our friends at More Great Art and can be ordered at More Great Art’s website.


8 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Gi Joe 218 NYCC Variant. Artgerm Cover”

  1. Nice cover and might just pick this up. By coincidence my MGA order of the 3 GI Joe action figure covers arrived from across the pond excellently packaged and in great condition. Also, Mike is a really nice guy. With this artgerm cover does this mean there is not likely to be an action figure cover for #218?

    1. Mike is a great guy. The storm shadow action figure cover appears to be the last one. And the reason is, IDW is doing, wait for it, action figure covers as the subscription variants. The sad thing is they are starting with Snake Eye?!?!?! Seriously.

      1. Wow. The only way to top that would be if they did a spider Gwen as Scarlett cover and an Amazing Spiderman 300/snake eyes homage cover

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