Raising Dion, interesting concept, interesting comic

Being a single mother is hard. Now imagine being a single mother raising a child with God-like super powers. This is what Raising Dion is about.


Raising Dion is a self-published comic written by Dennis Liu and illustrated by Jason Piperberg. The comic focuses on a mother who is raising a boy who has Superman like powers. It is essentially Superman told from Martha Kent’s perspective.

The first issue can be downloaded for free here. There is also a link to purchase floppy copies on the site.

Check out the live action trailer below.

8 thoughts on “Raising Dion, interesting concept, interesting comic”

  1. I ordered 3 …I’d be suprised if this is not on Netflix in a year .I love this for several reasons..it’s a fresh concept.characters of color with out a silly sterotype attached ..art is beautiful..a lot of room for growth

      1. Site is up but, put books in cart, then no cart to pay for. Will never be produced for higher media if the right people can’t get a physical copy.

      2. Found a work around, put them in my wishlist then checkout from there. Took two days but I have a copy on the way.

        With print on demand is there any reason to stop printing copies as long as people want them. Kind of destroys the speculator value.

  2. This is a comic that I would never personally get into, but I can see the massive potential in this, and the acceptance of this comic/story by 99%+ of people online from what iv’e seen has just made me order 5 copies, which will then go into my ‘betting box’ for x-amount of years waiting for mainstream hype 🙂

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