Kickstarter Comic: Blast Furnace Recreational Thief

blast furnace

Love God Hates Astronauts? Hate God Hates Astronauts, either way, this comic is for you, or at least Ryan Browne says so. Blast Furnace is a 280 page graphic novel by GHA artist and writer Ryan Browne, but with rules:

Blast Furnace is an improvisational comic written and drawn an hour per page with zero planning and no idea where the story is going to go. Behold, a full color collection spanning all 280 pages of stream o’ consciousness lunacy!

The nice thing about Blast Furnace is already fully funded. If you donate now, you are guaranteed to get a copy. Ryan is shooting for stretch goals now.

STRETCH GOAL ONE (UNLocked): $20,000
If we hit $20K, everyone that bought Blast Furnace is getting a PDF download of the book to enjoy on their IPORD or Zune or Crapple Watch–whatever! Then you can seal away your physical copy in a special time capsule so it can be enjoyed by our future conquers! SUCCESS!

STRETCH GOAL TWO (UNLocked): $23,000
$23K? Hell yeah! How about a signed and numbered mini Blast Furnace print with every book? That’s right, you getting a fancy little illustration to display proudly in a tiny frame!

STRETCH GOAL THREE (Locked): $25,000Y’alls getting a Blast Furnace sticker! Stick it anywhere for varied results/fines from local law enforcement! You’ve been warned/encouraged!

STRETCH GOAL FOUR (Locked): $27,000
The cover is getting a super fancy, spot-gloss upgrade! Y’know those fancy covers where you tilt them just right and see a bunch of clear shiny spots on ’em? Well, if we hit 30K you are going to seem them on Blast Furnace! Dems fancy, huh!?

So here is how to get it. Go to Ryan Browne’s Kickstarter page. Pledge $25 to get the physical copy. $35 gets you the physical copy plus a signed photo of Ryan’s cat. $50 gets you the book plus a t-shirt or two copies of Blast Furnace. The rewards go up from there.

Thanks to DrunkWooky for bringing this to my attention (we do like Ryan Browne around here.)

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blast furnace

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  1. Sometimes you just need a comic to be ridiculous. Readers need this sort of release in life. We see this evidenced by titles such as Howard the Duck, the new Bizarro, etc. I can’t wait for this book. I may up my pledge to get a picture of Ryan’s dumb cat. We’ll see.

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