Three Tottaly Awesome Hulks?

Part of October’s launch for Marvel is Totally Awesome Hulk (*shudder*). We had been provided an image previously that led people to think it was Amadeus Cho. That image is here. 


(Click for a larger View)
But then at lunch I got this one from Marvel:  
(again click for larger view)

The email stated “Who is the Totally Awesome Hulk”
And now I just got this one:

Also titled “Who is the Totally Awesome Hulk”
So are Marvel playing games? Will there be three hulks? 

16 thoughts on “Three Tottaly Awesome Hulks?”

      1. Don’t forget to make him gay or female or a different race or inhuman. Isn’t that the current formula? Instead of something completely new?

      2. Actually, the new Hulk could be Inhuman. In the Secret Wars mini-series Inhumans:Attilan Rising, there is a Hulk-like character who they keep using the word Awesome around. I don’t remember if I caught his name, but I was starting to wonder if his name was actually Awesome, since they said it so many times. For all we know, this new character could turn out to be the new Hulk in the wake of Secret Wars.

  1. I was hoping it would be Rick Jones. That would be funny (Actually, I haven’t read Hulk in years, so I don’t even know if Rick Jones is still around).

    1. Rick Jones was a separate gamma-infused character, A-Bomb, for a few years, but was cured last year by the most-recent incarnation of the Hulk. It was a forcible cure, he also wiped out Red She-Hulk and some of the others, to clear out some of the extra gamma-empowered Hulk supporting cast. I would be surprised if there are 3 new Hulks, since they just got rid of so many of them.

  2. Please, everyone can see the middle image is the devolved version of Wolverine that wore the stupid handkerchief mask in the nineties.

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