Amadeus Cho is the Totally Awesome Hulk


Marvel made the official announcement today after the series of teasers it released the other day. Alex Alonso and Greg Pak were talking to Entertainment weekly and gave them the scoop. 

Cho first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006). If you can find them cheap, get them now before they shoot up even more, or get them out to sell because prices went from around $30 to about $60 today. Recently Closed auctions have shown a lot of growth since the announcement came out. His origin story in Incredible Hercules #133 is also selling well, but much cheaper around $5.


From Entertainment Weekly

An Old Man Hawkeye, a new Doctor Strange series and Ms. Marvel joining The Avengers are just some of the reveals Marvel has unleashed since unveiling its All-New All-Different initiative a few months ago. But with over 60 new titles, there’s still mystery surrounding some of Marvel’s most popular characters — such as the much-anticipated new Hulk that’s going to take over Bruce Banner’s mantle when Totally Awesome Hulk #1 hits stores in December.

So who is the new man in green? He’s different, he’s totally awesome…and he’s none other than kid genius Amadeus Cho.


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  1. I will calmly weather this storm until the eventual re-boot back to 616 or something close to what most fans want. Not more of this forced pc, bs.

    1. Man, I think my favorite part of all these new moves by Marvel has been the spontaneous expressions of xeno, and homophobia. I’ve yet to see a forum where somebody hasn’t said this exact thing. We aren’t all super pumped about the character changes, but not because we want all of our super heroes white and heterosexual like you. It’s more to do with strip mining perfectly good characters and forcing them into a book that could very well end up being an awkward fit. “Being PC” isn’t even close to what the issue is really about.

      1. Hey John. I know what you are getting at. Change needs to happen to bring characters that were created in the 60’s more up to date and more relevant to the next generation of comic readers. I don’t think people here have been complaining that Amadeus Cho is going to be the hulk is because he is an Asian guy. I really don’t think it has anything to do with homophobia either (is Amadeus gay?) this is going to sound funny but I am a white guy who is very much into Asian culture, cinema, speak a lot of Japanese and some Korean, and have mad respect for the culture (sorry not manga or anime, ninjas, samurai, swords, and it’s not because I have an Asian woman fetish) just a genuine interest in the cinema, people, food, and culture. With that being said, and I am not a marvel guy anymore, I do not like the course Marvel is taking in general. I have been pretty vocal about it.

        What DC did was keep the core of the character while bringing the characters into a more relevant time frame reference (except the new Batman).

        Comic fans do love what they are used to. I didn’t like the changes they did to hulk years ago, when I was reading it, making Bruce Banner’s dad abusive causing the split in his personality. I hope you see this view point and not think this is a homophobic or xenophobic reaction.

        My favorite character of all time is Grendel. I own every issue of every Grendel book. Grendel went through many changes and host through the course of the book. I stuck through the good and the bad, but through it all, Grendel was a tragic figure and the book is about loss as much as it is about the character.

        With the hulk he has always been a tortured soul who struggled with the two halves of his persona. The raging monster and the logical scientific man. Amadeus is supposed to be someone who truly enjoys being the hulk. That is a fundamental change to the core of the character. It takes away the one thing I have always related to as someone who has experienced anger issues, the rational intelligent person and the hot head (I was a fighter in college and high school and could be blinded by rage). I hope you see that some of the consternation towards the change is not about race, or sexual orientation but about a connection to the character.

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  2. Anthony, the comment wasn’t directed at you as you didn’t bring up “forced pc b.s.”. When people talk about things like “political” correctness when complaining about changes being made to a character that are based in racial identity they’re using “PC” as a fairly obvious signifier. What I mean by signifier is that the word “pc” can be used to imply derision and scorn without directly a dressing the issue of race. It’s a polite way to side step the real topic (the hulk isn’t white anymore), in the same way people might use “urban” in place of “black”. You can’t say “I hate that the hulk is Asian in polite society. It doesn’t play well, but you can say “Marvel is too PC”, and some people might give you a pass. We all know what the real issue is, but if you use signifiers it suddenly becomes more palatable. We rarely construct our sentences accidentally. Language is a sense making process. So when someone, and again since you didn’t complain about “PC b.s.” the comment wasn’t directed at you, when someone complains about “PC b.s.” (which includes an umbrella of issues larger than race, though race is the subject this time) at Marvel it isn’t difficult to read between the lines. We don’t really need to construct the five, or even three part version of the Toulmin model to see what Nightrob was getting at. That all these gay and lesbian, female, and minority super heroes like the new Hulk? Theyre forced PC BS.

    I’m sorry if you felt the need to respond though. I didn’t think you were at all implicated in my initial barb.

    1. Sorry about all the typos by the way, I’m trying to type this under the bar so I don’t get busted looking at websites bout picture books.

    2. Well, Jon for one I am not against homosexuals or against people of different races at all. However, there this is about being pc for the sake of being pc and how Marvel is forcing political correctness on people as well by changing very established well loved characters just to please a certain segment of people (super left liberals). No getting around that. If they wanted to add readers of different ethnicities by being diverse they could have simply created new and exciting characters. I’m sure if that was the case you would be calling them the racists.

      Also, I used to work in the entertainment industry and ABC (who owns marvel) is one of the most “progressive” politically correct studios in an already very liberal Hollywood. They have been doing this sort of thing for a while and now they are doing this with Marvel full force. Although it wasn’t common I literally lost work in that town because my employers or potential employers found out I am a conservative! I had interviews where I was asked outright if I was a republican or Democrat. LOL, and I am the bigot! Laughable!

      By the way, I am in an a very happy interracial marriage and the fact you try to assume I am a racist and bigot by my post because I am fed up with all the political correctness in every aspect of entertainment and media these days just shows your complete self absorption, and ignorance! So, with that, you can give yourself a thumbs up and then cram it where the sun don’t shine!…

      Anthony, thank you for your attempt at cooling this, but this guy is obviously one of those self entitled types who feels if someone doesn’t live in their exact world and has a different opinion than theirs they are automatically on a lower standing and some sort of bigot. These types always try to find any little thing in a pathetically failed attempt to make themselves feel superior.

      1. Well congratulations on having also married someone of a different race! Should I mention that mine is also inter-faith and we can bust out our “whose more progressive” measuring sticks? The fact is that using our marriages as evidence for how we are or aren’t bigoted is a pretty textbook example of the fallacy of incomplete evidence. I don’t want to blow your mind with too much jargon so you can just google “Cherry picking”, and “fallacy” together. Your attempt at a mic drop was anecdotal evidence that failed to address what I said. At all. The fact is that you can be in a happy interracial marriage, and still be reeaaallllyyyy xenophobic. Now you could have said “that’s unfair, ethnocentric is a far more accurate term for you to have used”, and I’d have conceded that I misspoke. Now I know all that’s probably a bit too much and comes off as another pathetic attempt to feel superior, but it doesn’t make make my argument any less, or your argument any more valid.

        Beyond that though, Marvel is attempting to appease the “super left liberals”? Really? I’m curious what evidence, if any, you have that can prove the definitive link between the sinister (and liberal) agenda of the comic book liberal super elite, and the Marvel executive staff. Because what I think it’s far safer to guess is, and this could be me just talking crazy, is that Marvel as a company wants to make money, and recognizes that women and minorities have been historically underrepresented in comics. So much so that they feel the need to challenge the white heteronormative model of the super hero with a more diverse set of characters. Now I certainly can’t prove anything, but the fact that you feel compelled to deride Marvel for their attempts at inclusion this vehemently? It doesn’t really speak to your willingness to include anyone that doesn’t look, act, or speak the way you think they should under the same umbrella of acceptability that you might extend to “white” Hulk, male Thor, or straight Iceman. Then again, your love of using terms like “liberal”, and “pc” as pejoratives didn’t exactly speak to you having “A Testament of Hope” ear marked on your bookshelf. That was a nice attempt at a telling off though. Really.

  3. I’ll also be passing on this. Is this like a web-warriors children book? I’m really not liking the art (no details in there), and I’d rather see those other teaser image characters like Thor or Iron Fist become Hulk.

  4. @ Jon. I brought up my marriage to prove that your first comment had zero foundation with anything except your own personal bigotry and you are just that, a bigot. Your first comment simply showed your hypocrisy toward anyone who differs from your way of thinking.You cowardly attacked my opinion pathetically attempting to insinuate that I am some sort of villain simply because I do not like where Marvel is going and that in my opinion they have gotten far too politically correct. Got news for you, many long time Marvel readers aren’t all that thrilled either. The powers that be could have simply created new characters that in time, if written well, would certainly become legends in their own right, but they took the easy way out, and that pisses me off!

    This is nothing more than a cash grab and yes, forced political correctness. Marvel just isn’t catering to the left, they are the left or at least they have been since they were bought out. They are certainly not focused on when made them a success. They will use their media outlets to show off their “progressiveness” of racial and gender “fairness” to the masses and of course sell out the first run of these comics like crazy. If it works they will continue, if it doesn’t they will simply re-boot and there it is, another well publicized cash grad. You want evidence? Look at what and who is being replaced and erased and who they are being replaced with. Are you blind? Can’t read? Both? Beyond that it is my opinion which I am entitled to, except by “pc” creeps such as yourself that can’t stand that others don’t immediately agree with you and won’t bow down to your opinion and roll over at your stupid accusations.

    Whatever, Jon… You are the new breed of bigot in this country. The kind that doesn’t allow others to have their own voice and chastises them with false, and unwarranted accusations when you don’t like what they say. I can accurately call you a bigot based on my communication with you up to this point and God knows there won’t be any more after this. You proved it with your own instantaneous, intolerant response to what I said even though I didn’t talk down about any race, gender or sexual orientation. I believe you brought those up. The hilariously sad thing is you don’t even see it. Reading your last comment you probably look at yourself as some sort of “intellectual elite” who is better than anyone who does not fall into line with your train of thought. At least that is how you come across.

    I would have more than welcomed a question from you or anyone in regard to my first comment if you wanted me to go further with why I feel as I do, but no, you played the over used race bait card. And, yes my friend you certainly indicated just that! As ironic as you may think it, you are exactly this; a biased, one sided, internet troll, bigot that simply, instantly attacks those he doesn’t agree with behind that keyboard shield of yours. Good for you!

    Say what you. Try and come up with something clever. I don’t care. Your comments cemented who you are as far as I am concerned. I will stand by what I have said and have been saying when it comes up. There is no need to back down from thugs like you. What Marvel is doing is indeed forcing more political correctness to appease one segment of potential demographics at the expense of an already established demographic. It, for me, like I said before would have been better for Marvel to give us all new characters of every race or gender along side the old ones. Not destroy what Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin and other insanely talented creators took generations to build… Which happened to be loved and enjoyed by millions the world over. I guess in your eyes they are the racists as well if they are not happy with what is going on either. Meh, I’ve wasted enough of my time on the likes of you. Your accusation failed.

    I will have no more of this. Reply with whatever you want. I won’t respond. I won’t waste anymore of my time. Anthony runs a good site and I won’t tie him up with this kind of stupidity.

    Have the last word. The floor is yours. Goodbye.

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