Force Friday Tweets so far

Tyson B. is out early before Force Friday Starts. Here is more of his live tweets on Force Friday products.

7 thoughts on “ Force Friday Tweets so far”

  1. I went to my local Walmart early this morning. I arrived an hour early and nobody there. When the store opened there was only me and another guy looking for Star Wars stuff. They had the 6 inch figures I was looking for but there was a lot of empty shelves.

  2. I think the Force Awakens Die Cast Elite figures are the best to get. They are exclusive to the Disney Store. When I went today around 11:30am, all of the Rey’s were gone (they were the only ones they didn’t have), but I was able to get a Captain Phasma (last one) and a Kylo Ren. They also gave me an exclusive Star Wars Force Awakens pin, which are given away to the first 100 customers who buy Star Wars. I highly recommend you guys go out to your local Disney Store today!

  3. Those Disney ones are where its at trust me on this one. they can give Black Series a run for their money if they choose to continue. Captain Phasma is nice looking in die-cast.

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