Cottonmouth cast as villain on Luke Cage Netflix show

The first villain of the Marvel street level hero Luke Cage’s Netflix show has been cast. Cotton Mouth (a really horrible original character design) will appear on the Netflix Luke Cage show.


A veteran of genre entertainment already, Mahershala Ali has joined the cast of Luke Cage, giving the titular hero, played by Mike Colter, another villain to face down, Cottonmouth. Announced on, the casting is the latest in a flurry of both official and rumored additions to the third Marvel Studios / Netflix collaboration as shooting has been officially underway for the last couple of weeks in New York.

Ali’s version of Cottonmouth will be Cornell Stokes, a nightclub owner in Harlem who uses his club for some… less-than-legal purposes.

This is a cheap gamble. Copies of the first appearance of Cottonmouth in Power Man #18 and Power Man #19, which features his first cover appearance, are extremely cheap.

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