Misty Knight to appear on Luke Cage Netflix show

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Comicbook.com is reporting Misty Knight will appear on the Netflix TV show “Luke Cage.” Some casting news and character information has been released but this is the first mention of Misty Knight.

Misty Knight first appears in Marvel Team-Up #1 and as expected, copies are starting to dry up.

From Comicbook.com:

Marvel’s Mercedes “Misty” Knight, the police officer-turned-superhero, will make her live-action debut on Netflix’s Luke Cage.

Sources for ComicBook.com have confirmed that Misty Knight will appear in Netflix’s Luke Cage television series. When we meet her, she’ll be a New York City police detective, who reluctantly partners up with Luke Cage (Mike Colter)


and from Polygon.com:

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Actress Simone Missick has been cast as a female lead for Luke Cage, opposite Mike Colter, who’ll be playing the titular superhero with impenetrable skin.

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    1. Don’t have a cgc copy handy but did check on comicvine.com, marvel.com, and marvel.wikia.com as source. Not doubting what the cgc label says, just stating first un-named appearance was in marvel team-up #1 and first named appearance was in Marvel Premiere #21. Either way, both books are being scooped up.

  1. In case it helps to know (since Marvel created the confusion with this awesome character), Marvel Premiere #20 is technically the first “named mention” of the character, Marvel Premiere #21 is her first “actual” appearance, and then….in Marvel Team-Up #64, Marvel “retconned” Misty’s origin to make the person who appeared in Marvel Team-Up #1 to be Misty (even though that wasn’t the case when that the comic came out: She was a random person saved by Spidey — but she clearly isn’t Misty, doesn’t have her bionic arm, and isn’t a cop). So …. before Marvel Team-Up #64 came out, Marvel Premiere #21 was Misty’s first true appearance. Now….? Hmmm…..I guess we could say the first named appearance of the actual character as we know her is Marvel Premiere #21, AND there’s a reconned “character similarity” in Marvel Team-Up #1. Dontcha just love these recons…?

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