Get ’em While They’re Hot: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Sets

Last time Tyson B. from put up Lego Star Wars toys he got the dreaded (it’s a badge of honor) Take Down notice from Lego. Here is the latest batch for Star Wars Force Awakens Legos.

9 thoughts on “Get ’em While They’re Hot: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Sets”

  1. I asked my son if he wanted them, he said no cuz he doesn’t like star wars. So disappointed lol. But I talked to a employee there cuz they have this bad ass bb-8 for display and I guess they are told to destroy it after the whole shabang is done. And they are also getting another shipment in so might check it out tomorrow and see if I can get what was gone today lol.

      1. I was at Target getting a birthday present for a 4 year old girl party this evening and I was all depressed all the fanatics didn’t leave anything good in the Star Wars section (I’m not big on toys but you know what, I’m digging this Captain Phasma character but I just wanted to check them out for the most part). My 9 year old turned to me and said Star Wars sucks and Pokemon is better.. my jaw dropped and told him that’s blasphemous talk that will get him no more Pokemon cards or any other toys ever again if he continues with such words..

        I ended up pre-ordering the Wave II Force Awakens and Captain Phasma from Entertainment Earth.. (Thanks Tyson B for making me rape my wallet linking me to all these awesome looking toys I wouldn’t even bother with). I guess Wave II is gonna be my Christmas present.

        I did get the wife a fuzzy Chewbacca that makes authentic sounds.. she requested one of some type to put on desk at work. So score one for the hubby making the wife happy!

      2. Oh at least my 7 year old girl likes Star Wars.. so there’s still hope! She likes the weapons though, was going around with a toy light saber attacking us and people. 🙂

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