Buy, Sell, Keep

Back with another weekend version of buy, sell, keep. It is a simple game, you tell us which of the three books presented would you buy a copy of, sell a copy of, or keep a copy of in your collection. It is just for fun, you don’t have to own copies to chime in.

For presentation today, Young Marvels.

First up, Amazing Fantasy #15 the first appearance of Amadeus Cho, the new Hulk. The book sells for $70-$90.

Second book, Edge of Spider-Verse #2. Once a juggenaut, came down in price. Still sells for about $70.

Finally, Amazing Spider-man #4, first appearance of Cindy Moon, aka Silk. Regular covers have dropped in price to under $10, variants can go for as much as $40.

20 thoughts on “Buy, Sell, Keep”

  1. Three interesting and tough choices!
    I would go with selling Amazing Fantasy #15 as I am not yet convinced it can sustain those numbers long term.
    I am keeping EDge of Spider-Verse, though I am not a huge fan of her series I think Marvel has big plans for her.
    I am buying the first appearance of Silk because I am intrigued with what might be coming and I find her solo series to be better than Gwens.

    1. pretty much agree with Patrick …i dont really like Spider Gwen as a book..but the spec helped me pay alot of bills lol so im torn

  2. With the recent news about Ike and Kevin over at Marvel Studios, I would hold off on the Spider-Girls. Especially the variants and regular cover for Edge. I was tempted recently to sell my stash because of the low drop that both books were selling at. But after the Marvel Studios news, I may just hold on for dear life. Ike was steadfast against female lead Marvel Studios films. Now that he’s been cut off, I think it’s more likely Silk and Gwen pop up somewhere.

  3. Nice choices. I would;

    Sell Amazing Fantasy #15 only because I am not a fan of other Hulk. Ut Bruce Banner. And the price is right.

    Keep EOSV #2 Cuz even though I am not a spider-gwen fan, they are a lot of people out there that are. And who are making this character big. Specially if Emma Stone decides to play her in the Marvel Cinemax.

    Buy ASM #4 but the variant only since it’s the only one that I don’t have.

  4. Great choices. I would:

    SELL — AMAZING FANTASY #15. The price tag on this one will eventually come down again, once the NEW HULK hype wears off. It may take some time, but it will drop back down to reasonable once more. However, with a relatively low print run and being an important first appearance, this is a good comic for anyone to have in their collection for the long run. So buy again after the prices go down — especially before he shows up in a movie, as his mom already has (AVENGERS 2), and the hype starts all over again!

    KEEP — EDGE of SPIDER-VERSE #2. This issue will always be a relatively good investment (although the 1st appearance of Silk, in my opinion, will be the much better investment for the long haul). Spider-Gwen will always have interest, but mostly within the comic book fandom. When a larger audience discovers Silk (an interesting Asian female with a backstory like no one else — a character who isn’t just an alternate or female version of Peter Parker), her popularity will only grow into the future.

    BUY (if you ever find it cheap — especially the variants!) – AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4. A lot of people out there in the world still have no idea who SILK is. But eventually they will. And when they do, this issue will always go up in value — especially as this interesting character continues to grow and evolve and gets into some important stories (or joins the Avengers or new Defenders?). Both this and EDGE of SPIDER-VERSE #2 had relatively high print runs, but nothing compared to NEW MUTANTS #98. And look at that price tag. It’s all about supply and demand, right?

  5. Buy- Edge of Spiderverse- Gwen Stacy will always have a fanbase out there.
    Sell- Spidey 4- I don’t think Silk will be a character that has future potential, seems to me she falls in that category with the rest of the forgotten Spiderwomen who aren’t Jessica Drew.
    Keep – Amazing Fantasy 15- Cho still has potential, his Hulk run will be a shortlived gimmick, buy he still may have a tV or movie shot.

    1. Silk will be around far, far longer than spidergwen.
      Gwen is a gimmick, albeit a pretty cool one. But she’s all show, no substance.
      Silk, on the other hand, is in the main universe, is an original character, and has real room to grow and establish herself. Imho.

        1. I have had about 20 All New Marvel Now #1 first prints and about 15 second prints. They sell easily.

          I picked up the Incredible Herc a while ago plus variants. Need to list them. (Not going to lie need to list a ton of stuff.)

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  6. Sell Amazing Fantasy, unless the series is good….which it probably wont be, these wont be going any higher in price anytime soon – unless hes in a movie, otherwise, ill pass,

    Buy every single copy of Amazing Spider-Man 4 that you can find, its heavily undervalued, Silk may not be THE main Spider-Woman, or the most popular, but without a doubt she’ll be up there and will be remembered, not sure if you check out forums or use instagram, but people are REALLY into Cindy Moon

    Buy and Hold as well on Edge of Spider Verse, if you dont think Spider Gwen will make an appearance in a film or in 5 years have her OWN film, you’re kidding your self, shes Marvels bullseye, and for them its far and few in between, Shes too popular for them to let her go, and i expect news about a film for her by the end of 2016

  7. Not sure why,but All New Marvel Point One(1st Full app. Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel) should be a keeper as prices have not realized full potential yet and are really very affordable right now..I have 5 of them and will hold for a bit.
    Incredible Hercules # 133 (Origin of Amadeus Cho) is a sleeper and dried up quickly…maybe buy and flip in a week or so on this IMHO.
    I agree on Spiderman #4 (Silk 1st. App) buy these up and hold onto..these will explode in near future.

    1. Sure there is in the multiple wacky Marvel Multiverse.. that’s all getting squashed into one universe.. which they can change at a moments notice! 😉

  8. Sell Amazing Fantasy #15 (I have zero desire about this Cho character, don’t think it’s going to catch on or hold for long)
    Keep EOSV #2 (If you have them now, hold them, potential future profits for sure – I have 2 myself still, sold 2 others – remember, I sold a beat up copy as well, I mean, really beat up and still made $50 off it)
    Buy Spiderman #4 (Buy low, sell high – “Trading Places” taught us this dammit.. these still have potential in the future)

  9. I think the spider gwen and silk are two books to hold on to. the cho thing will be temporary I think. I have had good luck with all three so far flipping. I found a amazing fantasy for a $1.50 and flipped it for $30. the edge of spiderverse books have been good to me as well. plus I went and bought amazing spiderman 4 9.8 and 9.8 eosv 2. I think I got a deal for $160!

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