Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Origin leaked

Here is something I have been meaning to get to for a couple of days. An Instagram account for Margot Robbie’s stunt double, Ingrid Kleinig, dropped some spec worth checking out. We all know that Harley Quinn would be in Suicide Squad, but which version would be closest to the movie version.

Well here we go. Hotfix had a screen grab of the deleted Instagram account for Ingrid Kleinig which showed this:


It shows a crate which says “Ace Chemicals.”

Ace is the place with the helpful…. no wait wrong place.

Ace is the place that Joker fell into the chemical vat that turned him into the Joker.


So if this is the case, looks like we could be looking at Harley Quinn being like the one that appears in the New 52 Suicide Squad, and the origin could be just like the one in Suicide Squad #7 (Vol. 4), where Joker drops Harley into a vat of chemicals transforming her.

harley origin

From Hitfix:

As the “Suicide Squad” trailer is intercut with a scene where costumed goons shoot up a lab while Dr. Quinzel is thrown onto a table — and that same lab appearing behind Joker during his ominous “I’m just gonna hurt you real, real bad,” line — it’s safe to say we’re getting some variation of Harley’s origin. The photo is just another piece in the puzzle.

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  1. I was selling my extra copy of #7 2nd print for $12 just the other week and no bites. I guess with this news people will be all over it. Thanks Tony

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