One to Watch: Scooby Do Team-up #12

I know what you are thinking… Zoinks! Or more probably, what is he thinking by putting SCOOBY DOO TEAM UP #12 on as one to watch. But trust me, you will want to pick this one up. Especially of you are a DC or Batman fan.


Yup, Batman Animated Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy will appear in SCOOBY DOO TEAM UP #12, which seems completely awesome to me. I can definitely see this picking up some steam. These Scooby Doo books have relatively small print runs. Scooby Doo Team up usually clocks in at around 6,700-6,800 copies. Yes, pretty low. The book is out September 23, and will run you $2.99.


30 thoughts on “One to Watch: Scooby Do Team-up #12”

  1. Good potential if stores don’t suddenly overorder. Normally, Scooby Doo is among the lowest selling DC titles. There are other less known appearances of Harley Quinn in comics such as Batman Superman Adventure World Finest or Batman Chronicles Gallery.

          1. My local shops will have about 2-3 each.. I’ve thought about picking these up in the past for the kids but they’re not big into Scooby Do so I keep passing them up.

    1. Really, how so. We advocate for people to not clear shelves of product. We spotlight small indie books as much as anything else. We have advocated for creators in need. We have spotlighted and supported kickstarter initiatives. But yes, the idea that someone can buy something and sell it for more online to people who want the books makes us horrible, horrible people. Maybe you would like to expand on your thought Mr. Poop from and email address or you would rather come into a community of like minded individuals and make baseless juvenile attacks with silly little kiddie word names.

        1. If anything, we’re helping the small press get more exposure honestly. We’re giving the small publishers and creators a chance by spreading the word.

  2. Yay you guys are the worst for ordering comics that are available for everyone to order and making sure that awesome stories continue to be published. How dare you support the creators and provide them with a reason to publish the next issue. Shut up poop, you sound like shit.

  3. Sure to be a second print? Would that be the one to get considering it would be half of the initial order or something close to that?

    1. I don’t think there will be a second print.Maybe the free comic book day 2016 book.I collect scooby doo so this one will be nice to add to the collection.

  4. Just got my pre-order for less than $2. I didn’t buy 10, I didn’t buy 20. Just 1. That’s all I need. Good luck hunting guys!

  5. Had no idea this would be a hot item, but Scooby-Doo Team-Up is on my hold list. This book is surprisingly fun for someone who grew up on Scooby and got a kick out of they’re Globtrotters and other Team-Ups on television. The art is a great representation of the cartoon and it’s still only $2.99. You can’t go wrong here, in my opinion.

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