Top Comics for Late August 2015

Terry Hoknes does a great job of compiling lists of the hottest selling comics for the month. Here is the top selling comics for Late August.


Terry Tracks over 500 comics on the list, which can be found here. Check the full list out.

#1 WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1-4 (Black Mask 2015) small print run and Wonder Woman costume and other DC/Marvel costumes featured in storyline of issue #3. Entire series is super hot with all variant covers hitting record highs up to $400.00 a copy. Later printings also sold out and heating up. A new ongoing series reported for 2015.

#2 YOUNG TERRORISTS #1(Black Mask 2015) Black Mask officially become speculators favorite indie publisher this summer with constant sellouts of small print run books with high quality stories and art. This book had numerous variant covers but all sold out immediately with sales up to $13.00 within the first day of release for the regular cover and higher for others.

#3 HIP HOP FAMILY TREE #1 (Fantagraphics 2015) Finally an ongoing comic series debuted and news of a potential TV show caused sellouts of this 1st printing up to $8 instantly.

#4 PILOT SEASON THE BEAUTY #1 (IMAGE 2012) This is the original one-shot story that recently was turned into an ongoing series called Beauty. This original was up to $20 in August.

#5 RICK AND MORTY #1 2 3 4 (ONI PRESS 2015) TV show comic sold out 1st prints with sales from $10 to $20 each for the first 4 issues. Tons of sales !

#6 TEEN TITANS GO #1-50 (DC 2004) Original volume series now hard to find many record sales for example #36 sold for $100.00 in August 2015. All ages comic had very small print run and all issues are sold out everywhere. All issues marked way up.

#7 THUNDERBOLTS PRELUDE #1 (MARVEL 1997) One-shot hit $70.00 in August 2015.

#8 TEEN TITANS GO #1-10 (DC 2013) All ages comic had very small print run and all issues are sold out everywhere. #1 and #2 both commanding $15.00 or more so far.

#9 X-MEN #8 (MARVEL 1992) 1st app Belladonna from upcoming Gambit movie. Prices over $20.00 immediately in August for one of the largest printed comics of all time.

#10 INCREDIBLE HULK #449 (MARVEL 1997) 1st appearance of Thunderbolts became a $50.00 comic in July 2015.

#11 OXYMORON #1 (COMIXTRIBE 2015) Sold out quickly in August 2015 small print indie with sales over $10.00

#12 RIVERS OF LONDON #1 and #2 (TITAN 2015) Small print indie sold out instantly with $15.00 sales for each issue

#13 #KING (JET PACK 2015) Small print indie sold out instantly eventually reaching $10 a month later.

#14 21ST CENTURY TANK GIRL #1-2 (TITAN 2015) Movie tie-in comic had small print run and both issues sold out with many sales up to $20 each.

#15 SHIELD #9 JACK KIRBY VARIANTS(MARVEL 2015) Marvel decided to release special 1:75 and 1:50 Jack Kirby variant covers on this poor selling Marvel title based on the TV show therefore most retailers did not get copies causing a shortage for these.

#16 SQUARRIORS #1 SKETCH EDITION (DEVILS DUE 2015) A new sketch black and white printing came out in August 2015 to miniscule print run and instant sellout.

#17 SHRINKING MAN #1 (IDW 2015) Regular and EC subscription cover both sold out quickly and many sales of the EC cover up to $13.00 each in August 2015

#18 GODZILLA IN HELL #1 (IDW 2015) EC Subscription cover many sales up to $13.00 in August 2015

#19 JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 (DC 2015) Darkseid in issues #40-41 sold out quickly with price increases.

#20 STAR WARS ACTION FIGURE VARIANTS (MARVEL 2015) Constant demand for the action figure variants caused Marvel to continue the series. The first two were under ordered by retailers with Luke up to $25 and Han Solo up to $70.00. Darth Vader variant now heating up to $15 or higher. An exclusive variant for #4 featured Boba Fett and reached $80.00 with a print run of 5,000 copies not sold in stores and in late July a black and white version of 3,000 copies sold out in a single day from the artist John Christopher with prices instantly up from $20.00 to $70.00. In late April a special limited comic con black and white variant edition of the Luke Skywalker cover appeared at C2E2 and would heat up within weeks to $400.00 a copy !

#21 MS MARVEL (MARVEL 2014) #1-4 1st printing all sold out and interest high in new Muslim superhero and prices hit high of $50.00 for #1 regular cover and tons of higher sales on later issues.

#22 NYX #3 (MARVEL 2003) 1st app Wolverines daughter X23. Continually selling high up to $200.00 raw.

#23 SOUTHERN BASTARDS #10 Charleston charity cover (Image 2015) Tragedy charity cover sold up to $10.00 in August 2015

#24 WE STAND ON GUARD #1 (IMAGE 2015) High profile book was selling up to $9.00 even when retailers could still order in copies for cover price.

#25 THIS DAMNED BAND #1(BOOM 2015) Rave reviews caused sales up to $8.00 even when retailers could still order in copies for cover price.

#26 BATGIRL #41 (DC 2015) 1st print sold out quickly of new direction storyline in August 2015

#27 ARCHIE #1 (ARCHIE 2015) Newsstand edition had different printing and was very popular online with sales up to $15.00.

#28 SEX CRIMINALS #11 (IMAGE 2015) A regular version came polybagged with random inserted original sketch covers that sold up to $50.00 each instantly. A XXX variant edition also came polybagged with some sales up to $10.00 in July 2015.

#29 INVADER ZIM #1 (ONI PRESS 2015) Quickly sold out of all versions and went to 2nd printing with high sales for regular covers and all variants.

#30 BATMAN #1-9, 35-40 (DC 2011) Most issues from #3-9 sell averaging $20-$30 each and #1 sells for up to $100.00. Complete sets of #1-10 bring $250.00. Batman is the #1 selling regular monthly comic book these days and it is the most valuable “complete set” of all current titles. #1 variants hitting record prices up to $500.00. Many later issues are starting to become minor key issues and lots of demand in various variant issues as well. The most popular comic book made today. Endgame storyline was very popular in issues #35-40 and all sold out leading up to death of Bruce Wayne and the Joker in #40 which caused instant sellouts and 3 printings. These issues all popular and range in $5 to $10 range each – sets are very popular.

#31 DETECTIVE COMICS #608 (DC 1989) 1st appearance of Anarky. Sales up to $15.00

#32 HARLEY QUINN (DC 2013) #01 2 3 4 5 all sold out and have 2nd printings. Sets selling especially well up to $30 for #0-4 1st prints. #1 and #2 have many sales at $10.00 each. The #1 1:25 Adam Hughes variant super popular with sales up to $300.00

#33 STEVEN UNIVERSE #1-6 (BOOM 2013) Entire series had small print run but constant demand by TV show fans has caused these to sell out quietly and occasional sales are always high. All issues sold out with small print runs up to $10 to $20 per issue

#34 CAPTAIN MARVEL (MARVEL 2013) #14and #17 features cameos of Kamala Khan the new Ms Marvel who now has her own new series. Sold out quick and went to 2nd printing. Copies so far up to $100.00 each for 2nd printings.

#35 BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 (DC 1992) 1st app of cartoon version of Harley Quinn – super hot 1990’s DC issue all year long.

#36 STAR WARS #1-7 (MARVEL 2015) All issues have sold out in stores and prices sneaking up even with high print runs. Many 2nd to 6th printings have random sales up to $15.00 each. #1 2nd print black cover and #1 6th print green inner cover are the hottest ones.

#37 INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (MARVEL 1974) 1st full appearance of Wolverine is always in demand and the most valuable Marvel comic of the past 40 years and yet its hot again and prices in all grades selling above guide.

#38 NEW MUTANTS #98 (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Deadpool – the hottest Marvel character of the 1990’s.

#39 ENORMOUS #1-6 and Vol. 2 (215 INK 2014) Small indie publisher released new ongoing series which is a followup to the 2 year old Image treasury one-shot from 2012. Regular covers of #1 hit up to $20.00 each and the smaller print run of issue #2 and #3 sold out super fast causing shortages everywhere with sales immediately up to $28.00 with Diamond selling out way in advance for issues #2 and #3. #2 had shipped late to some retailers. #3 came out soon after and hit up to $25.00. By July 2015 news of a TV show was coming and #1 was now up to $100 and #2-3 selling up to $35.00. Vol 2 #1 #7 sold out instantly with sales at $10.00

#40 NEW MUTANTS #87 (MARVEL 1990) 1st appearance of Cable continues to grow in value.

#41 ALL STAR SQUADRON #25 (DC 1982) 1st Nuklon and 1st Infinity Inc and Jade and Atom Smasher. This 80’s comic has finally turned into a major key issue with rising sales.

#42 MARVEL POINT ONE (Marvel 2014) 1st full Ms Marvel Khamala Khan story copies up to $30.00

#43 HULK #1 (MARVEL 2008) 1st app of Red Hulk with sales up to $30.00

#44 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654 (Marvel 2010) 1st Agent Venom Flash Thompson up to $30

#45 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678 (Marvel 2012) Mary Jane Venom variant cover is now possibly the most valuable comic of this century with sales over $2000.00

#46 CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (MARVEL 2012) Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel appeared in this past issue with new movie news instantly driving prices up to $35.00 a copy.

#47 MILES MORALES ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1(MARVEL 2014) His ongoing series took a year to sell out and heat up but now sales up to $20.00

#48 THE WALKING DEAD (Image) With the current season of the TV show airing speculators are continually jumping on the original comics that tie in to new episodes which are now currently up to about issue #69. Recent key issues with lots of demand that will make big jumps if confirmed in the TV show include issues #53 1st Abraham Rosita and Eugene / #67 & #68 1st Aaron / #69 1st Heath and 1st Alexandria safe zone / #92 1st Jesus / #100 Negan – all 3 printings are heating up / #105 Negan and Carl issue / #108 1st Ezekiel / #127 1st Magna / #132 and #138 1st Alpha. / #144 Death of many characters issue.

30 Walking Dead 99 $2.99 Image 55710 2012 6

264 Walking Dead 99 $2.99 Image 6472 2012 8

1 Walking Dead 100 $3.99 Image 335082 2012 7

117 Walking Dead 100 $3.99 Image 21987 2012 8

70 Walking Dead 100 Chromium Ed. $9.99 Image 30969 2012 7

31 Walking Dead 101 $2.99 Image 51732 2012 8

24 Walking Dead 102 $2.99 Image 53337 2012 9

9 Walking Dead 103 $2.99 Image 74378 2012 10

35 Walking Dead 104 $2.99 Image 57456 2012 11

28 Walking Dead 105 $2.99 Image 57781 2012 12

21 Walking Dead, 108,, $2.99, Image, 67,423

8, Walking Dead, 109,, $2.99, Image, 90,362

13, Walking Dead, 110, $2.99, Image, 76,455

#49 WOLVERINE #66(Marvel 2008) 1st Old Man Logan later appearing in Secret Wars series. Sales prices high and low up to $30.00

#50 THE TITANS #1 (DC 1999) 1st Damien Darkh – recent key issue heated up in July 2015 up to $20.00

The full list can be seen here.

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  1. Surprising to see Teen Titans Go 1-55 on hot list. At ebay, complete sets have sold for low $50 each. Otherwise, everything else makes sense.

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