ComicXposure labor day Sale


Today and tomorrow only, Comicxposure, sponsor of many of our contests, is doing a labor day sale of 30% off variants and 50% off pretty much everything else.


Comicxposure still has their Enormous variants in stock, as well as many of their other popular variants. Use code word LABORDAY when checking out.

10 thoughts on “ComicXposure labor day Sale”

  1. Too bad they are such a horrible company to do business with… Good luck getting what you ordered, getting it in any time frame one would consider reasonable and having it shipped with any kind of care. No thanks, I would rather pay full price somewhere else.

  2. Im a relatively new customer but the six or so orders I have gotten are all good and the one minor problem was resolved. I have had much worse luck on crap-bay with people.

    1. You’ve been lucky and in a minority from what I hear from others. Personally I’ve had 3 orders and 3 orders completely FUBAR.

  3. I’m a guy that was very involved in late eighties / early nineties ( junior high school) who sat on a collection until around a year ago and took a look at all of it and realized I had a lot of nice titles. That and having two young sons pushed me back into the hobby. My main issue with EBay and Instgram and all other secondary markets is unless you are a good old boy, no one really will give you time of day. I could send an overnight package FEd-ex covered with gold filigree and a hooker inside and not get a positive feedback from the asshats. Same on Instagram. The same ten people all raffle and constantly win each other’s stuff.
    Anyway, until Comixposure gives me a reason not to, I will continue to buy. Unfortunately it seems like so many are just trying to scalp and make money, it’s a dog eat dog world now.

  4. Agree on you with the last post Ryan. I have also sold stuff on ebay and it sucks when you give them feedback and they give none back. If I had all the feedback, I would be at 100 feedbacks instead of the 51 that I have. It sucks but hey what can we do. And if you have some books that you wanna sell at a good price let me know. I am all ears lol

  5. I’ve placed two orders with them, and both orders were missing comics.
    One was refunded quickly for the missing comics, while the other took about a month.

    I’ll try them again sometime, but they are not on my list of favorite comic retailers.

  6. I must be special, never had any issues ordering from them. Orders are usually correct and comics arrive safely.

    Honestly the worst I’ve encountered is MyComicShop.. check out their eBay account as well, they get at least 20-30 negatives a month from crappy shipping, crappy handling and just overall crappy service. They don’t care one bit about their customers (despite what their website says).

    1. I will never order from MyComicShop ever again.. I don’t care if they have the sale of the century. They will never get a penny from me ever again.

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