DrunkWooky’s Comic Block Unboxing

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So many choices when it comes to subscription boxes. We have been fans of Lootcrate and 4 Color Grails. DrunkWooky unboxes this months Comic Block.

Sorry, I was a little late this month. You may have seen the contents of this month’s comic block elsewhere, but in case you haven’t, here you go!

So, Four Color Grails is now defunct. They had great variants, but also some problems with their business model. Basically, the shipping was crazy expensive, the box came really late in the middle of the next month, and I wasn’t getting great Ebay sales. As long as that was the situation, I wanted to go with something cheaper. Two months ago I switched to Comic Block.

Comic Block from Nerdblock is doing a great job for a much lower price (around $20.00 shipped)! Inside:

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1. First, we have a pretty awesome Spider-Gwenom shirt from Shirt Punch! Spider-Gwen has been huge and some of the mash-up characters have also been pretty popular. Gwen-Pool was the sleeper cosplay hit of the summer after her appearance on a single Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars variant cover. Nobody’s flipping these, of course, but I can always do with a cool new tshirt! Like last month’s shirt design, they kept this design under wraps until the box arrived. It’s pretty great to pop open the box and see what those creative types have come up with. Shirt Punch normally sells their shirts for $10.00 on their site, so you’ve already eaten up half the value of your $20.00 Comic Block with the shirt alone.

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2. Red Sonja Conan #1 Comic Block Exclusive Variant. This is a pretty sweet homage to the original Star Wars: A New Hope movie poster design (from what I can tell). These are slowly selling for between $8.00 and $15.00 on Ebay right now. Red Sonja fans are a niche fandom market. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, never underestimate a fandom, especially a niche one. My Little Pony, Rick and Morty, Invader Zim- many times these fans are completists.

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3. X-Files Season 11 #1 Comic Block Exclusive action figure variant. So this one struck a chord close to my heart! I love X-Files! The only way this cover could have been better suited to my tastes is if the figure was Flukeman! People are getting burned out on the action figure variants, but this variant is not actually a John Tyler Christopher. These have been selling a little hotter than the Red Sonja exclusive at similar prices. They might get hotter as folks, like myself, hold onto them for their personal collections.

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4. DC Bombshells #1. Comic Block usually tosses in a regular cover of a book you may have overlooked that month. In particular, this month it’s DC Bombshells. This book was in my hand twice the week it came out at my LCS. I put it down both times. I’m glad there’s a curator out there getting me to read what I would otherwise overlook. It’s also good to have this in case the regular cover starts to rise in price like the incentive covers.

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5. Lastly, a Heart and Brain print. I suppose this is a web comic (check it out here.) I’ve never heard of it before today. However, it depicts a struggle that all of us collectors face more than once in our lifetimes.

That’s it! $20.00 is the damage and I’d say that more value than that is indeed being shipped out every month with Comic Block ! Thanks for reading, guys!

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          1. Yeah, that was the other turn off. For flipping, since there were delays and some of their issues would be about a month after the initial release of a title, the hype would be over by then and it could be hard to flip the comics you didn’t intend to keep.

  1. Oh man that is one funny auto correct. But yeah the company sucked. And just read the Heat and the Brain print and it made me laugh so I will defenetly be checking this one out.

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