Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week

What’s up CHU? Mel back for another week of variant picks. Remember, some variants go up, some variants go down, but as long as you are buying art you like you can never go wrong. There are some great books this week so let’s get to it.

Let’s go with the big one first:
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Journey to Star Wars Force Awakens: Shattered Empire #1 1:25 Movie Photo Variant
EWOKS! With Force Friday just passing, everyone is thinking of Star Wars. This book leads into the events of the upcoming Star Wars movies. Plus, everyone loves Ewoks!

Speaking of things everyone loves:

harley variant

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1 1:25 Variant
Harley in a bikini, Ivy in a bikini, Catwoman in a bikini, and Bizarro, who is just getting an eye full. Harley Quinn is a fan fave so this will sure to be a sell out

And finally a special cover, for another reason:

broken moon

Broken Moon #1 1:10 Sanjulian Variant Cover
For those not in the know, Warren Magazine’s Creepy and Eerie. Some of the best covers came from two artists Frank Frazetta and Sanjulian. This is done by one of the greatest horror cover artists ever. 

2 thoughts on “Mel’s Variant Picks of the Week”

  1. I’m gonna try my best to get the Marco Checchetto Star Wars Journey #1 variant.. love that cover, it just stands out. Wish it was the regular cover. I like Noto but I don’t need the snapshot picture of the rebel gang I’ve seen a bazillion times on magazine covers and such..

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