Boom Studios Protocol Orphans getting a TV adaptation

protocal orphans

This is a cheap play. The news is actually from a few weeks ago and seemed to have gone under the radar. Protocol Orphans from Boom Studio has been optioned for a tv show.


Fox is developing Protocol Orphans, a drama series based on BOOM! Studios’ graphic novel co-created by actor Peter Facinelli. Amanda Segel (Person of Interest) will write the TV adaptation of Facinelli’s comic. 20th Century Fox TV and producing with Boom! Studios under the graphic novel publisher’s first-look deal with the studio.

Protocol Orphans is about a foster family of orphans who are trained by the US government as covert operatives, protecting their country during the day and battling each other at night.

Protocol Orphans can be found cheap, under $3 an issue on eBay. Mycomicshop has the issues of Protocol Orphans for under $2 an issue. So again, a cheap gamble.

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  1. Feathers would be good. But hey, with the amount of comics properties being optioned (because Hollywood execs can’t come up wit their own ideas) any new book or first appearance is a 50/50 gamble. 3-D man is probably next.

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