Mel’s Variant Pick of the Week for 9/16/15

(Apologies to Mel. V this should have gone up last night with the rest of the site updates.)

What’s up CHU? Mel V. here with the variant pick of the week. I feel like I am finally hitting my stride here. Especially after the Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2 Gwenpool variant popped this past week. I know the comments panned it when I wrote about it.

Remember, some variants go up, some go down, but as long as you are buying art that you like you will always win. Anyway on to my pick.

cap white

This week I am feeling Captain America White #1 Inhumans 50th Anniversary J. Scott Campbell Variant. First, J. Scott Campbell is super popular and has a huge following. Also, it saw a bit of movement in pre-release. This will be the variant to get this week. If you can get this at a decent price you could make some money off it.

21 thoughts on “Mel’s Variant Pick of the Week for 9/16/15”

  1. I think it’s a sweet cover, my only gripe is, I just wish they’d save such covers for an actual Inhumans book. I don’t like buying a Captain America book to have it look like it’s a Inhumans book instead. The covers should somewhat resemble the character or story itself.

    But yeah, if you can find this one at cover or cheap, I’d pick it up but I still think it would be sweeter on an Inhumans book, makes it a little more special me thinks.

  2. Paid 20 for 2 …My inside source Knowledgeable Danny ..told me these were under ordered and most stores didn’t qualify for the variant

  3. Normally just a lurker….but surprised Anthony didn’t mention the Paul Pope Miracleman variant having seen here he’s a big fan.

    1. Midtown had them listed at $30 USD, $25 at their online discount rate. And I think I looked up wrong conversion, if that’s British Pound, it converts to $46.52 USD, not $33.86.

  4. Thanks to your Gwenpool pick when it came out I have one, so you’re aces with me 🙂

    No one near me orders 50 of any comic, so the chances of me getting this Campbell variant for cheap are pretty much nil. I’m ok with that, I need to calm down for a while on my spending, especially on spec variants.

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