The Gun #2 Kickstarter needs $299 in the next 37 hours

What’s up CHU? Mel V. here with a friendly reminder about a project we are backing. The Gun #2 is just a few dollars away from it’s goal and wanted to put the call out to all of our friends to get this going.

the gun 2

Anthony did several write up’s about the first issue, which was a pick of the week and a Big Gem from Small Press selection as well. The Kickstarter variant still sells for $100.

Someone recently commented that we as speculators are “vultures” and the “the worst part of the comic community” but fail to realize that we here at CHU support a lot of independent and press books. Books by companies like Creature Entertainment. SO if you have a second, drop by and check out The Gun #2 and pick up a copy.

Check out the video below for the issue preview. Remember this may be NSFW:

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  1. Looks great I will pledge (for the first time:-). But I don’t understand the diffrence between the 15 USD- and 25 USD-alternatives?

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