DrunkWooky’s No Brainer Rick and Morty SDCC Flip

Anthony has been mentioning Rick and Morty having that underground following that is causing the book to increase in readership each month and cause back issues to go up in price.

Because of this, I thought I’d let you know about an easy flip. A simple “take-it-from-website-A-and-sell-on-website-b” maneuver.

sdcc rick and morty

Over the past week I have sold 4 copies of Rick & Morty SDCC at $29.99 with free priority shipping. So, approx. $24.99 gross sale per copy. I bought them from Oni Press who always have extra stock of their con exclusives for $9.99 a pop! So, I netted $14.99 per copy on this one. My final copy currently has 6 viewers and I’m pretty sure it will sell. Check out the recent closed eBay sales, and barring the one that sold for well less than average, the book has been doing great.

As of this writing, Oni still had some on their site.

7 thoughts on “DrunkWooky’s No Brainer Rick and Morty SDCC Flip”

  1. How did they do with shipping? When I ordered the ECCC variant there were two books per bag and board and in a padded envelope without any other protection. Needless to say they were pretty banged up when they got to me

    1. I shipped them out yesterday, the same day they arrived. What we had going on was an outer double-thickness cardboard box, brown packing paper inside, then my copies of the issue stacked together and taped inside a bubble mailer. Minimal chance of movement going on and zero chance of bending. I inspected each issue before shipping and the only blemishes on any of the five I ordered was minor cover wear on the back cover.

      Oni Press did a lot better than I would have expected.

      1. Oh, and one book per bag and board. I had a similar experience with the ECCC variant direct from them. It seems they may have improved their standards now.

      2. Thank you for the info, sounds like I will give them another try after hearing of your experience – appreciate the feedback in your recent results

  2. I wouldn’t say Rick and Morty has an underground following. The first season of the show netted high ratings and even got them a cameo on the simpsons. The the comic came out. Now with season 2 it’s gaining more viewers due to word of mouth but being the highest rated show on Adult Swim is hardly underground. And as the number of viewers increase so will the amount of people seeking out merchandise which includes the comics

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