Kickstarter Comics: Our Friend Satan

Being the well meaning and lovable oaf that I am, I sometimes forget to spotlight things that I mean to. Our Friend Satan is one of those things.

Our Friend Satan is a Kickstarter funded graphic novel by Dominik L. Marzec, Lukas Lalko, and Michael Murawski that cracked me up when I read it.

Dominik has successfully funded the Kickstarter campaign and the book will be released as a hardcover. I found the book funny as hell (sorry for the pun) and had promised to spotlight it. The funding period is over now but still want to spread the word. Check out the first five pages below:

Note: The book cannot be ordered through Kickstarter anymore, but if you are interested in getting a copy Dominik says you can “can contact me through or and drop me a message – I will send our paypal.”






You can read the first 17 pages here.

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